Don’t miss the After Party

The ritual has commenced. A toxic rain is falling. A comet with odd chemical properties has been spotted in the sky. Reports of a mysterious disease are circulating. Experts estimate that all these factors, and more, will reach a collective climax on SATURDAY 7th OCTOBER 2017!


WORLD ZOMBIE DAY: LONDON is coming again, rising from the grave, lurching down your street, lusting for your brains. Put the date in your calendar and start thinking about your zombie disguise.

This year is our TENTH ANNIVERSARY. So join us (whether your first time or if you’re an old-timer) to help us commemorate this landmark! Dress up in your zombie finest to gather at a secret location and shamble your way through the streets of London. The walk is free and family friendly.

In the evening we gather for the After Party where we will have our own private bar/room at The Piccadilly Institute and our special guest DJ Ben Christo from The Sisters of Mercy/Decadence Club. Visit the playlist for a taste.

The first part is FREE but please register on our website at

While registering you can also get a ticket for the PARTY. Once you’re registered, we’ll email you the route map before the event. Join our Facebook community for more updates, costume tips, and your fellow ghouls.

More about the After (life) Party: Starts at 6pm

Please show your support by purchasing your £5 entry ticket. The profits go to St. Mungo’s and it’s a great way to finish the walk – surrounded by your fellow undead – no room for the living!

World Zombie Day: London’s official after party is sponsored by Bloody Zombies – the videogame – and will be held at the iconic Piccadilly Institute, right in the delicious beating heart of Central London! Well known for its creative cocktails and quirky décor, this is the perfect place for the zombie horde to gather.

Tired of having to queue up with the living to get a drink, we have the creepy Clinic Room reserved for you VIP zombies! Expect bespoke zombie cocktails and gut-filling food at Happy Hour prices till 9pm (50% off everything excluding bottles of spirit or champagne) and dancing, lots and lots of dancing. There’s no late entry (after 8pm) but we have free rein of the venue till 3am.

The venue is strictly over 18’s only and valid photo ID must be provided to gain entry (no photocopies).

Limited tickets available.




About our After Party Sponsor: Bloody Zombies

Team Up. Bash Brains. Save London

Bloody Zombies, a brand new title developed by Paw Print Games and published by nDreams, is coming to console, PC and VR headsets this September

Bloody Zombies combines irreverent British humor, exaggerated characterisation with an approach to over-the-top urban violence to create a new style of brawler. Team play is definitely key, but you’ll also need to beat your friends to compete for the highest score.” — Antony White, Co-Founder and Director at Paw Print Games


Bloody Zombies will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and also supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. Price and age rating TBC.

Top 5 Cute Things Survivors Do

Survivors. Some are pretty reluctant to join the undead horde and instead do dumb things like remove our heads or destroy our brains. Others are adorable, with their funny ways and their screams and their delicious flavours. Here’s our list of what we think are the cutest things survivors do as they flee our grasping, broken claws. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you can think of others!

  1. Fighting amongst themselves

Living humans have so many conflicting motivations and needs, and with limited resources not all of their needs can be met. Objectively the sensible thing to do (even at the best of times) would be to negotiate patiently and compromise according to urgency. In a zombie apocalypse you’d think this would be even more sensible, since living humans become so scarce. They need each other much more than they need power over each other. But no, they insist on bickering over hierarchies and ethics. Isn’t it CUTE!? Nothing like that ever happens in a zombie horde. You never see any of us arguing about where we are on the map. We all always know exactly where we’re going: after them.

  1. Lie about being bitten

Most of us remember being bitten (apart from those of us cursed by magic, infected by airborne particles, etc etc) and I’m pretty sure most of us decided to lie about it, right? Mortality seemed such a big deal at the time. We can all look back and laugh about it now, which is why it’s so cute when other living humans do it too. So worried, so upset, so pointless. Such naivety is enough to make you blush – if your blood hasn’t transformed into a thick black ooze.

  1. Lock themselves in

You know how we (mostly) shuffle patiently along towards whatever thing we think we want? And how humans (mostly) move way faster than us? And how speed is one of their best advantages? But how they all dream of finding a fortress, then they seal up every single door, leaving themselves no escape routes? There’s that old saying about fish in a barrel… the look of surprise is always priceless.

  1. Try to rebuild their previous civilisation

Honestly, why? There’s only two ways the zombie apocalypse is going to go – either our horde finally devours the entirety of humanity, or maybe humanity manages to crawl back from the brink of extinction. Either way things will never be the same again. They’re going to need to live near water, farm hard, put out their own fires, ride a bike or a horse everywhere, eat healthily to prevent catching the latest (non-zombie) plague, and constantly worry about our return. Even if enough survivors are left to attain the same globalised level of industry, it’s going to take generations. But they’re all so full of dreams. ADORBZ!

  1.  Sticking to cities

It’s pretty understandable since cities are where all the best stuff is. But everyone knows the streets belong to the undead. They’re no place for the living. Click here to help St Mungo’s prevent homelessness and help people get off our streets.

Has it been a year already?

There’s a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon. Make sure you don’t miss it and keep up to date by setting World Zombie Day: London’s Facebook page to ‘like and see first’. It’s the best way to join us and start getting excited! It’s also a great place to find fellow ghastly ghouls, and share tips on remaining fresh but also terrifying.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Go to our Facebook page and be sure you’ve liked the page.

2. On mobile, click on “Following” and you receive three options. If you’d like to see every post from us, click “See First.” To manage your notifications, click on the “Get Notifications” and then click down to “Edit Notification Settings.” There you can select which notifications you’d like to receive on the page, including the all important “Events” notification.


3. On desktop, click on ‘Follow’. Under ‘In your news feed’, click ‘See first’ and be sure to switch on notifications.

4. You can also sign up to receive our emails here!


While we wait for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, let’s cast our minds back to last year. If you were still lurking in your grave back then (or worse, LIVING), this is a good way to find out what you’re in for.

We raised an amazing £2233 for St Mungo’s last year alone. This year we aim to really go BIG! We are encouraging everyone to start their own zombie fundraising page! You can encourage friends and family to donate their money next to your name, and whoever gets the most donations will be declared ZOMBIE OF THE DAY! (More on that soon)

Last year we saw so many glorious zombies with so much creativity – the bar has been raised for this year (along with the dead obviously).

If you want to see some of the transformations our zombies went through on the day (and steal some ideas) check out this wonderful post from The Guardian where photographer Alicia Canter went to meet some of the participants, including a group of students and a family from France, picturing them before and after they dressed up: World Zombie Day participants – undead and alive.

And if you’d like something with moving pictures:

Even the Daily Mail noted that we were ‘polite’ which is high praise indeed. Not bad for soulless ghouls!

At a mystery stop along the route, we had a soul-rising performance from the incredible “psycho-delic-anarchist-techno-velvet-stomp” of Anarchistwood, who played a special secret gig for us zombies! It was enough to… RAISE THE DEAD!

For a whole host of images and videos, visit our gallery. Be warned: you will be jealous and inspired.



Zombie Checklist 2016

Dearest amazing undead darlings,

The big day is practically knocking at the tomb door! As always,we have prepared a list of things you need to know before the zomazing day we are about to have. Read on, rotten ones!

Make sure you have registered so you are sent the map and any other information you might need. This is free and only takes a minute!

Print the map out and take it with you. Although there are stewards, they are few and the zombie horde is legion, so be a helpful zombie and be self-organised! You can also keep a bloodshot eyeball on twitter (@WZDlondon), where we’ll post updates when we’re heading off.

Don’t want the day to end? We have an exclusive “UNDEAD ONLY” bar at the Piccadilly Institute. This means you don’t have to shoulder your way through the masses of living Londoners for your next drink! So come along to dance like you’ve just been dug up at the World Zombie Night party, make sure you bring a photo ID (no photocopies). If you bought a ticket, your name will be on the door. If you didn’t grab a ticket yet, pre-sales end Friday at 5pm, grab your tickets now to make sure you get in! Failing that – there may be some on the door (cash only). The party runs from 6pm-3am, but be sure you get in the venue before 9.30pm, shamble there quickly!

They are few, but they are essential if we want to keep this event running year after year! Please make sure you read them here and stick to them. Don’t bring anything that resembles a weapon, don’t flyer, basically DON’T BE THAT ZOMBIE! If you see any behavior that concerns you, please speak to a steward. We’ve worked really hard to make sure this event is good zombie fun for everyone and has a good reputation so it can keep on going year after year.

Sept,Tours,Pirates,WZD2013 312

The gorgeous, amazing and humble WZD team

The zombie virus is bad enough without having to cope with post-WZD snuffles. Make sure your costume is warm enough, that you can keep protected from the rain (fingerbones crossed for a fine day!). We will be doing a lot of shambling, smart zombies wear comfy shoes…



Keep in touch with the horde by using the hashtag #WZD2016, Join us on Facebook here and follow us on Twitter @WZDlondon. For those who Snapchat, we’ve got a filter for you. At various stops throughout the walk you’ll find geofilters to use by swiping left after a snap has been taken (location services will need to be enabled for the feature to work). In the meantime follow us at wzdlondon. Those on Instagram, tag your photo with #WZD2016 and you might end up in our Gallery!



World Zombie Day is about having a fantastic day with the zombie horde, and also about raising money and awareness for St Mungos Broadway, the charity who do amazing work helping the homeless. If you’re coming along please donate by texting BRNZ81 £3 to 70070, or donate on our JustGiving page.


Anarchistwood & World Zombie Night: Zombies like to party!

After a long day of shuffling, moaning for BRAAAINNNSSS and fundraising for a worthy cause, the WZD team like to let what is left of their rotten hair down and party with the wonderful zombie horde. This year we are throwing a zomtastic after party – World Zombie NIGHT!

In previous years we have partied at the Phoenix Club, the Intrepid Fox (RIP), the 12 Bar (RIP) and 100 Club. Sadly some of those fabulous venues are no longer around (London’s Nightlife – soon to be a zombie too?!). BUT never fear Zombie chums! Our wonderful sponsors for this year’s event – Jagermeister (dark and mysterious, the perfect zombie tipple!)  – have sorted us right out with an undead party pad to end them all!

From 6pm, we will head to the iconic Piccadilly Institute, right next to Piccadilly Circus with views over the famous Cupid Statue. Head to the creepy Clinic Room and just see what Jagermeister have in store for you – themed decorations, zombie cocktails, gut-filling food (maybe i-scream?), DJs to keep you undead till dawn (well, 3am) and even a decontamination tent with a photo booth to capture your zombie portrait. What’s more, you won’t have to queue for eternity at the bar, it is for the undead only!

The Clinic Room at Piccadilly Institute

The Clinic Room at Piccadilly Institute

Tickets for the after party are a STEAL at only £5, and all profits go straight to St Mungos. You can buy them here, but grab them quicker than Daryl Dixon on a motorbike, there are a limited number available! Bring all your guy friends and ghoul friends along! The party runs from 6pm-3am, but please make sure you are in by 9.30pm as after this point there is no admittance to the undead. The venue is strictly over 18’s only and valid photo ID must be provided to gain entry (no photocopies).

If you can’t make it along to the after party (booo!) don’t worry, we have a treat for you too! At a mystery stop along the route, look out for the incredible “psycho-delic-anarchist-techno-velvet-stomp” of Anarchistwood, who will be playing a special secret gig for us zombies!


Zomspiration time

Every year we are amazed at the incredible costumes and makeup that people come up with for World Zombie Day London! From the gory to adorable, there really is a zombie look for everyone.

Check out Time Out’s gallery from last year here:

In pictures: the most outrageous costumes from World Zombie Day

You could be a Zom-bee or a Zombicorn! Photo credit: Richard Young

You could be a Zom-bee or a Zombicorn! Photo credit: Richard Young

Zombie styles have changed over the years on the big screen, so there are plenty of looks to choose from. Check out this video! Will you be a shuffling Living Dead zombie, or a virus turned Rage victim?

For more inspiration, check out Pinterest, and YouTube has some great tutorial about simple make-up effects. Have fun practicing! We can’t wait to see what ghoulish glamour you are going to bring on the day!There are some things to bear in mind when planning your zombie character. First of all, it is October and we all know what the British weather is like, make sure you are going to be warm enough and dry enough to last the day. Also, you’ll be doing a bit of walking, so comfy footwear is a must. And, if you plan on visiting any pubs for a quick brain juice on route, make sure you steer clear of really sticky fake blood that could leave a mess. Dried is fine! Dusty escaped-from the-grace zombies don’t even need blood!

Stay tuned to this blog in the next few days, we’ll be posting some juicy details about our fabulous World Zombie Night after party, held at the Piccadilly Institute and sponsored by Jagermeister.

Tickets are ONLY £5 and profits go straight to St Mungos. You can snap one up here, grab em like they are juicy brains!

Coming soon! World Zombie Day London 2016

It is the time of year when the dark winter nights start drawing in and we reach for our wooly jumpers. But MOST IMPORTANTLY our undead friends begin clawing their way out of their graves to take part in the beloved annual zombie crawl through the streets of this great city!

So, if you have never been before (where have you been? This is the 9th one!) this post will tell you a few of the whats, whys, whens and wherefores of weird and wonderful World Zombie Day London.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

What is it?

In a nutshell, we get dressed up in our zombie finest, gather at a spot somewhere in central London and then proceed to shamble our way through the streets on a set route, stopping at points along the way. Then, if you wish, you can come along to the after party for a brain juice or two. But of course, there is much more to it than that!


The main reason of course is FUN! WZD fans come back year after year to catch up and have a great day out. We now have new generations of mini zombies, so cute! But there is a serious side. We use the day to raise money and awareness for a great charity – St Mungos, who are working towards ending homeless and rebuilding lives. You can show your support by donating straight to our JustGiving page, buying a ticket for the end event, or why not set up your own fundraising page and become part of Team Zombie, just like Sarah and friends have done here!


The event takes place in cities all over the world on the same day, it started in 2009 at the Monroeville Mall in Pitsburgh, the site where Romero’s Dawn of the Dead was filmed. It usually takes place early October, this year it falls on Saturday 8th October.

I’m IN! What do I do?

Welcome on board, zombie chums! You will find we are a very friendly and welcoming horde! The first thing you should do is register for the walk here. That way, we can email you the start point and map a few days before the event. You can buy tickets for the ZOMAZING evening event – World Zombie Night – while you are there.

Then, if you haven’t already, you can join our Facebook community and click attending on the event. Chat with fellow undead shufflers, get costume and makeup tips and get excited!

Don’t forget, this is run by volunteers for charity, so please donate or fundraise if you can. Have fun AND do good!

Finally, read the survival rules here, and look out for our email a few days before with the last minute info you need.

Keep an eye on the website here over the next few weeks for some juicy brain bits about what awesomeness we have lined up for you on the day, including a shiny new route, pop-up bands, and details about our after party, sponsored by the wickedly wonderful folk over at Jagermeister.


Map and Pre-WZD Zombie Checklist! Read this before you go!

Team WZD are really looking forward to seeing you all for our annual shuffle and shamble though the streets of London, but to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible we’ve put together this checklist of need-to-know stuff. We are aware your brains might be slightly festering, but please do read this carefully before coming along on Saturday and joining the horde.


1) DO YOU HAVE THE MAP? Print the map out and take it with you. We poor overworked organisers will be very busy on the day do not want to be bugged about where the next stop is. We want to be bugged by people hugging us and buying us pints of brainjuice. So please, for goodness sake, bring the map!

Download the map

Go to the Google map

12PM – 1PM
Starting point – Leake Street

1:30PM – 2:15PM
Second Stop – Victoria Embankment Gardens

2:45PM – 3:45PM
Third Stop – Leicester Square

4:30PM – 5:15PM
Fourth stop – Golden Square

5:45PM – 6:30PM
Fifth stop – Soho Square
Everybody out of the Square by 6:30pm so they can close it up.

Tube to Holloway Road (Piccadilly line) from Leicester Square
7PM – 4AM
After life party – 12 Bar
(203 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DL)

2) DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING? It’s a little tricky to find. SO – here are some top tips of how to get there: We will meet in LEAKE STREET, next to Waterloo Station. The easiest way to find it is to go to platform 1 in the National Rail station and take the adjacent exit. Turn right and walk until you see the stairs leading down into the tunnel and head down. You can also get there via Lower Marsh Road or York Road.

3) DO YOU HAVE YOUR AFTER PARTY TICKETS? If you want to come along to our zomazing After-Life Party with Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show and DJs to keep you dancing all night with the dead, it is a good idea to buy your tickets online as soon as you can if you haven’t already – numbers are limited and it is likely to sell out! You can buy them here.

4) ARE YOU PLANNING ON VISITING PUBS? If you are planning on popping into any pubs make sure you BRING ID with you. If you’re refused entry, remember your zombie face might not match your ID face and respect the door staff’s wishes. Hey, take it as a compliment, it means your makeup is amazing! Another note – smart zombies drink sensibly. It’s a long day and we’d like you there at the end of it, not passed out and missing the party!

5) ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE ENGLISH WEATHER? Post-WZD sniffles are a thing. Please try to avoid them by incorporating something warm/waterproof into your costume for the bits of the walk which aren’t undercover. And remember we are going to be walking most of the day, comfy shoes are recommended…

6) DO YOU KNOW THE ZOMBIE CODE OF CONDUCT? We’ve worked really hard to make sure this event is good zombie fun for everyone and has a good reputation so it can keep on going year after year. So please read the (very few, very sensible) rules here and stick to them on the day.

7) HAVE YOU DONATED TO CHARITY? World Zombie Day is about having a fantastic day with the zombie horde, and also about raising money and awareness for St Mungos Broadway, the charity who do amazing work helping the homeless. If you’re coming along please donatewhatever you can by texting BRNZ88 £4 (or another amount up to £10) to 70070.

8) ARE YOU READY FOR A BRILLIANT DAY? If you’ve ready this far then the answer should be YES! We can’t wait to see all your rotting, scary, fabulous faces once again for the best day of the year! Keep in touch with us on Facebook here and Twitter here, we want to see all your lovely photos and keep the zombie feels going right through till Halloween… please use the hashtag #WZD2015.


Buy after party tix to win Apocalypse Events Tickets

Our generous sponsors Apocalypse Events have a treat in store for you. Apocalypse Events offer a range of immersive scare experiences across London providing unique, realistic, and creative frights and scary delights.

Anyone who buys within the next 24 hours (or who has bought tickets) to the after-life party  (with or without t-shirt)will be entered into the draw to win either:

2 Tickets to Zombie SWAT Training (Total Value £230)


2 Tickets to Trapped in a room with a zombie (total value £60)

Before we tell you more about these killer events, let’s remind you of all what fun the after-life party will be!

At the new 12 Bar (203 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DL) – if you haven’t seen this venue since it moved you’ll be in for a treat. There’s plenty of room to dance and shamble the night away or to hide away in a corner if you prefer.

They’ve put together a very special menu for the night. And the food is damn good too! Lot’s of veggie options for those non-flesh eaters.

Preview the menu:

Classic Burger – The Night of the Dead £5.50
Like George A Romero’s iconic movie, this one is a classic

Mushroom cheese Burger (V) – The Survivor £5.50
For the Zombie with a particular diet, a tasty Mushroom Cheese Burger, hold the flesh

Bacon & Cheese Burger – The Apocalypse £6.00
A Hoard travels on its stomach and this tasty flesh combo is just what you need to keep going…

Click the link for more….

We’ve got lined up for you a special performance bythe one and only Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show and DJs til the wee hours (4 AM)!

Tickets are only £5

DJ’s will be DJ Joyzi (Breed 77/12 Bar Club) playing rock & metal, and Adam Lightspeed (Sin City/Star Scream) playing horror-movie rock.

Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show is a  BONEYARD SPOOK A-RAMA 3D ZOMBIE BAND FOR THE DEAD!!!!!!!  The show also includes sonic performances of classic Cramps and Alien Sex Fiend tracks.



Now for what you could win!

In 2015 Apocalypse Events launched the UK franchise of the worldwide live escape game – TRAPPED IN A ROOM WITH A ZOMBIE.

How to Survive…

  1. Follow the clues
  2. Solve the puzzles
  3. Find the keys
  4. Escape the room
  5. Don’t get eaten!

Trapped in a room with a zombie brings to life the mental challenges and adventure of online Escape Games, the pressure of Crystal Maze and the sleuthing of Sherlock Holmes to create pulse pounding team building activity that will have your mind racing and adrenaline flowing Are you ready to be locked in a room with up to 11 other people and a terrifying and hungry Zombie chained to the wall!



Every 5 minutes the chain 1 foot longer and the zombie gets a little bit more dangerous. You have 1 hour to to solve the clues in time to unlock the door and escape before something hideous happens to your BRAINS…

White Chapel, East London £30 per person


Zombie SWAT Training

Looking for a dead good day out? Welcome to Zombie SWAT Training, the ultimate zombie survival experience.

You have been chosen as one of the select few deemed worthy to undergo intense zombie survival training from our undead response unit to protect what remains of London. Only the strong will survive.

Not only will you get to handle at least 3 different types of weaponry, complete terrifying pitch black missions, and discover secrets of the Bunker, you will also be taught life-saving techniques in how to immobilise and destroy the zombie hoard.

Step inside the battle zone; face your biggest fears and fight to save the world from imminent disaster.

Hidden in North Greenwich the decommissioned nuclear Shelter Bunker 51, has been a secret research facility for zombie observation.
With rumours circulating of zombie attacks in London, Bunker 51 is ready to train recruits in the essentials of zombie survival.

Be prepared for London’s scariest and most realistic zombie experience.

You must be physically fit, emotionally sound and ready to blow some zombie brains out!

So thanks again to our Sponsor – some of you lucky zombies will have a wicked time with them.