Buy after party tix to win Apocalypse Events Tickets

Our generous sponsors Apocalypse Events have a treat in store for you. Apocalypse Events offer a range of immersive scare experiences across London providing unique, realistic, and creative frights and scary delights.

Anyone who buys within the next 24 hours (or who has bought tickets) to the after-life party  (with or without t-shirt)will be entered into the draw to win either:

2 Tickets to Zombie SWAT Training (Total Value £230)


2 Tickets to Trapped in a room with a zombie (total value £60)

Before we tell you more about these killer events, let’s remind you of all what fun the after-life party will be!

At the new 12 Bar (203 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DL) – if you haven’t seen this venue since it moved you’ll be in for a treat. There’s plenty of room to dance and shamble the night away or to hide away in a corner if you prefer.

They’ve put together a very special menu for the night. And the food is damn good too! Lot’s of veggie options for those non-flesh eaters.

Preview the menu:

Classic Burger – The Night of the Dead £5.50
Like George A Romero’s iconic movie, this one is a classic

Mushroom cheese Burger (V) – The Survivor £5.50
For the Zombie with a particular diet, a tasty Mushroom Cheese Burger, hold the flesh

Bacon & Cheese Burger – The Apocalypse £6.00
A Hoard travels on its stomach and this tasty flesh combo is just what you need to keep going…

Click the link for more….

We’ve got lined up for you a special performance bythe one and only Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show and DJs til the wee hours (4 AM)!

Tickets are only £5

DJ’s will be DJ Joyzi (Breed 77/12 Bar Club) playing rock & metal, and Adam Lightspeed (Sin City/Star Scream) playing horror-movie rock.

Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show is a  BONEYARD SPOOK A-RAMA 3D ZOMBIE BAND FOR THE DEAD!!!!!!!  The show also includes sonic performances of classic Cramps and Alien Sex Fiend tracks.



Now for what you could win!

In 2015 Apocalypse Events launched the UK franchise of the worldwide live escape game – TRAPPED IN A ROOM WITH A ZOMBIE.

How to Survive…

  1. Follow the clues
  2. Solve the puzzles
  3. Find the keys
  4. Escape the room
  5. Don’t get eaten!

Trapped in a room with a zombie brings to life the mental challenges and adventure of online Escape Games, the pressure of Crystal Maze and the sleuthing of Sherlock Holmes to create pulse pounding team building activity that will have your mind racing and adrenaline flowing Are you ready to be locked in a room with up to 11 other people and a terrifying and hungry Zombie chained to the wall!



Every 5 minutes the chain 1 foot longer and the zombie gets a little bit more dangerous. You have 1 hour to to solve the clues in time to unlock the door and escape before something hideous happens to your BRAINS…

White Chapel, East London £30 per person


Zombie SWAT Training

Looking for a dead good day out? Welcome to Zombie SWAT Training, the ultimate zombie survival experience.

You have been chosen as one of the select few deemed worthy to undergo intense zombie survival training from our undead response unit to protect what remains of London. Only the strong will survive.

Not only will you get to handle at least 3 different types of weaponry, complete terrifying pitch black missions, and discover secrets of the Bunker, you will also be taught life-saving techniques in how to immobilise and destroy the zombie hoard.

Step inside the battle zone; face your biggest fears and fight to save the world from imminent disaster.

Hidden in North Greenwich the decommissioned nuclear Shelter Bunker 51, has been a secret research facility for zombie observation.
With rumours circulating of zombie attacks in London, Bunker 51 is ready to train recruits in the essentials of zombie survival.

Be prepared for London’s scariest and most realistic zombie experience.

You must be physically fit, emotionally sound and ready to blow some zombie brains out!

So thanks again to our Sponsor – some of you lucky zombies will have a wicked time with them.


World Zombie Day? Tell me more!

We know you must have tons of questions! World Zombie Day: London is less than two weeks away and there’s so much to think about. Most importantly….what are you going to wear!

WZD photo by Alex Lane


Hopefully, we can answer most of your questions right now, but if you can’t find the answer please post them on the event page – either one of the WZD team should get back to you or the host of friendly zombies will chip in and give you some advice.

Q) How do I know where to go?

A) Now to get started, the most important thing to do is register. Once you do this you will be on the list to receive the map which tells you exactly where to be and what time. This is emailed out only a few days before the event, so hold tight – it will arrive. Every once in a while these emails end up in the dreaded spam box, so if you’re worried you haven’t received your info, do check there.

Q) What time does it start? It’s on Saturday, right?

A) It’s is on Saturday (10th of October) and we will gather at 12pm. We had a brainless moment on our Facebook page and the date got changed briefly to our unawares, but rest (in pieces) assured, the page now has accurate info.

Q) What will happen during the day?

A) World Zombie Day: London takes the form of a zombie walk through central London. The zombie horde will gather at a set time and place then make their way around a pre-arranged route, stopping at set points. Besides showing off our zombie mugs to the civilians in Central London, we really hope you’ll join us in fulfilling the aim of raising money for St. Mungos’ Broadway. All the money we raise for St Mungo’s will help people recover from the issues that create homelessness.

You can donate by texting BRNZ88 £3 (or £5 if you like) to 70070 or through the Just Giving website

St. Mungo’s Broadway provides a bed and support to more than 2,500 people a night who are either homeless or at risk, and work to prevent homelessness, helping about 25,000 people a year.

We’ve also lined up some special treats for you along the walk. Look out for special performances throughout the day by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, Anarchistwood, The Creeping Terrors and more!

Q) What will happen during the night?

A) When the night falls, join us for the after-life party at the new 12 Bar (203 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DL). There’s plenty of room to dance and shamble the night away. We’ve got lined up for you a special performance by Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show and DJs til the wee hours (4 AM)! Tickets are only £5 .

DJ’s will be DJ Joyzi (Breed 77/12 Bar Club) playing rock & metal, and Adam Lightspeed (Sin City/Star Scream) playing horror-movie rock.

Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show is a  BONEYARD SPOOK A-RAMA 3D ZOMBIE BAND FOR THE DEAD!!!!!!!  The show also includes sonic performances of classic Cramps and Alien Sex Fiend tracks.

Q) Are kids allowed?

A) Yes! Under 18’s must have adult supervision, but we welcome zombies of all ages and zom-dogs too (as long as you clean up after them if they have a zom-accident. The after party is in a drinking establishment – after 9pm it will be 18 and up only. Keep in mind you might be asked for a picture ID at the pubs and your zombie face might not match your picture ID. If you are refused entry, please understand the doorman is only doing his job.

STRICTLY NO ILLEGAL DRUGS are permitted for any age and no alcohol for under 18’s. Police will be called if this rule is broken.

Q) How long is the walk?

A) The crawl lasts from 12pm till 6:30pm, each stop is an approximately 30 minute walk at a shambling slow pace. The total distance is roughly 1.5 miles.

Q) I’m with the press and/or want to photograph, video, blog the event. How do I get more info?

A) Your best bet is to register and get the map. This will give you all the info of times and locations – and then just show up! We do ask that anyone posting photos, videos, or blog posts mention the charity. We volunteer our time to provide this event for all to enjoy and hope that anyone who partakes will be gracious and considerate by offering World Zombie Day: London the right to use the photos – we always try to credit the photographer. Please also respect a zombie’s desire if they do not wish to be photographed, and do not obstruct anyone’s path intentionally. Please do not profit from the event. That’s not a cool move.

Q) Should I be “in character”?
A) Yes! A horde of moaning, limping zombies is what we all want to see. There are some things to keep in mind though…..This event has historically been one that gathers the beautiful and the morbid into one giant rotting celebration in aid of the charity St. Mungo’s Broadway. Our codes of conduct have been in place for many years and have been put there by us to look out for everyone’s safety. You have been an extraordinarily respectful and considerate undead bunch. We know that there will be frivolity, and that is absolutely encouraged, and it is encouraged for all ages (if supervised).

Some tips:

Keep safe zombies, remember to stop for traffic and keep out of the roads! When crossing, it’s OK to “break character” and cross quickly. Think fast “New Dawn of the Dead” zombies verses the slower “Old Dawn of the Dead” zombies when crossing the street. Blocking traffic is a crime and anyone doing so could be arrested.

And put on a good show! Stay in character but don’t get carried away. You are responsible for your own safety and good conduct. Use the “haunted house” rule in that you are not to touch anyone.Do not attempt to scare anyone who is not a willing participant. If anyone is freaking out, turn and shamble in the opposite direction. Avoid confrontations!

Q) Will it be messy?

A) Fake blood does have a habit of getting everywhere but please keep in mind that this is a “leave no trace” event. No littering, no flyering, destruction of property, or any other illegal activity. This includes smearing fake blood, banging on windows, etc. The organisers will not be held responsible for any damaged property. Pretend the location of the walk is your own neighbourhood and show the utmost respect. This event is a tradition, so we don’t want to ruin it. Remember, the press will be watching (along with the police) and this event could get world-wide news coverage. Let’s put on a good show. 

Q) What should I wear?

A)  Anything can be zombified and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. As you’ll be on your feet and outdoors for most of the day, take this into consideration. There are many “no blood/no latex” makeup tutorials to be found online. If you do want fake blood, here’s a great tutorial on How to make authentic horror movie blood by Mark Gatiss. If you do incorporate fake blood be extra aware not to get it everywhere.  Bloody bathrooms, stained upholstery, and the marking of any walls (indoor or out) is a serious zombie taboo.

Bring extra makeup if you like. It’s always fun to zombify randoms who stumble upon the horde. And be creative! A few more  makeup tips provided by one walker Aga Jackman last year: “Make sure it doesn’t run… use silicone based fake blood, if it’s going to be raining on the day! Before you apply your prosthetics make sure your face is cleaned with alcohol based solution, so no grease! SFX wax does not hold well for long periods of time… use sculpt gel instead.”

Q) Can I bring a fake gun – or anything else that looks like a weapon?

A) Use your best judgement when it comes to planning your outfit. Please do not bring weapons (fake, fantasy, and definitely not real). Your safety is important to us, so let’s try to avoid any scenarios that could result in the police thinking you are a threat to the public or yourself. We have spoken to many police officers over the years about this subject and they have all raised concerns about fake weapons, even brightly coloured toy weapons. The concern is that someone may mistake these items for real weapons and an armed response unit could be called. I know that this does not seem likely in a well-lit environment, but when it gets dark this could be a serious problem, especially with the fake blood.

Looking forward to seeing your decaying faces and keeping this event going, without incident, year upon year! Any other question, ask us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for more updates on the day and use #WZD2015 so we can find you if you post about us. And remember to donate! Texting BRNZ88 £3 to 70070.

2014 Route and Map, do your zombie homework!

Hello the Horde!

How are you all doing? I hope you’re all raring to go? What do we want? BRAINSSSSSS! When do we want it? BRAIIINNNSSS!

Just in case you missed it at the bottom of the info email, here is the map of tomorrow’s route.


Download it here. You can also go get a google maps version here.

Here are the timings for you if you’re not planning on joining us for the whole day:

13.00 – 14.00 – Leake Street (Starting point)

14.30 – 15.30 – Under the arches at Craven Street/Villers Street

16.00 – 17.00 – Leicester Square

17.30 – 18.30 – Picadilly Circus

19.00 – 20.00 – Great Castle Street

20.00 onwards – doors open for the After Life party at 100 Club, Oxford Street (available here till midnight tonight, then on the door first-come first-served, numbers are limited so we advise you to buy them now!)

It is YOUR DAY so please make your own plans, we will be walking a set route and stopping at the above places but during that time you are free to make your own way, go off and meet zombuddies and get food and drinks! And as always, please be careful in areas with busy traffic. Nobody likes a squished zombie.

Also, in case you missed it, here is Megan from Team WZD London on the BBC World News! Thanks to the zombie ladies who volunteered to come and raid the studio!

Please remember to check the Zombie Code of Conduct and stick to it, and if you haven’t already donate to St Mungo’s Broadway here.

We can’t wait to see you! x x

Pre-WZD Zombie Checklist! Read this before you go!

There’s a shiver in the air over London. Is it an apocalyptic virus spreading? Are the dead rising from their graves? No – its pure excitement because World Zombie Day London is almost here again!


Team WZD are really looking forward to seeing you all for our annual shuffle and shamble though the streets of London, but to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible we’ve put together this checklist of need-to-know stuff. We are aware your brains might be slightly festering, but please do read this carefully before coming along on Saturday and joining the horde.


Make sure you have registered so you are sent the MAP and any other information you might need. This is free and only takes a minute!


Print the map out and take it with you. We poor overworked organisers will be very busy on the day do not want to be bugged about where the next stop is. We want to be bugged by people hugging us and buying us pints of brainjuice. So please, for goodness sake, bring the map!


If you want to come along to our zomazing After-Life Party, packed to the brim with brilliant bands including Zombina and the Skeletones and DJs to keep you dancing all night with the dead, it is a good idea to buy your tickets online as soon as you can – numbers are limited and it is likely to sell out! You can buy them here.

Flyer WZD 2014


We have a brilliant new start point and we think you’re gonna LOVE IT. But, it is a little tricky to find. SO – here is a sneaky preview and some top tips of how to get there:
We will meet in LEAKE STREET, next to Waterloo Station. The easiest way to find it is to go to platform 1 in the National Rail station and take the adjacent exit. Turn right and walk until you see the stairs leading down into the tunnel and head down (look out for the ‘zombies’ signs). You can also get there via Lower Marsh Road or York Road.


If you are planning on popping into any pubs make sure you BRING ID with you. If you’re refused entry, remember your zombie face might not match your ID face and respect the door staff’s wishes. Hey, take it as a compliment, it means your makeup is amazing! Another note – smart zombies drink sensibly. It’s a long day and we’d like you there at the end of it, not passed out and missing the party!

Sept,Tours,Pirates,WZD2013 312


Post-WZD sniffles are a thing. Please try to avoid them by incorporating something warm/waterproof into your costume for the bits of the walk which aren’t undercover. And remember we are going to be walking/shuffling/stumbling (delete as appropriate) most of the day, comfy shoes are recommended…


We’ve worked really hard to make sure this event is good zombie fun for everyone and has a good reputation so it can keep on going year after year. So please read the (very few, very sensible) rules here and stick to them on the day.
World Zombie Day is about having a fantastic day with the zombie horde, and also about raising money and awareness for St Mungos Broadway, the charity who do amazing work helping the homeless. If you’re coming along please donate whatever you can by texting BRNZ99 £4 (or another amount) to 70070.

If you’ve ready this far then the answer should be YES! We can’t wait to see all your rotting, scary, fabulous faces once again for the best day of the year! Keep in touch with us on Facebook here and Twitter here, we want to see all your lovely photos and keep the zombie feels going right through till Halloween… please use the hashtag #WZD2014.


Check out Apocalypse Events – friends of World Zombie Day London

Hello the horde! As you know, we strive to make sure World Zombie Day is one of the best days of the year, and this does involve some costs. As your shambling undead team of organisers have none of the shiny stuff (it must have fallen out of our pockets when we died) we ask sponsors to help, and here are a few words from our old friends Apocalypse Events/Bunker 51 who will be joining us again this year! Thanks guys for your support!

AE Logo Reversed

Award Winning Apocalypse Events offer a range of immersive experiences across London providing unique, realistic, and creative frights and delights.

We specialise in running regular events such as our AS SEEN ON TV Zombie SWAT Training and winner of 2014’s SCAR award, Zombie Blitz 1940.

Blitz 2

For over 10 years, our event creators have been putting together themed experiences across a range of venues featuring high end immersive scenery and scenarios. These include our sci-fi space station Laser Tag arena, which saw guests take part in an epic battle to save the galaxy; and our militarised underground nuclear Bunker 51, where we take paintball, laser tag and airsoft to another level… and of course our nationally sold zombie scare events!

scarsbest original concept (3)

If our existing events and scenarios don’t quite cater to your needs, we will readily tailor them to your whim or work with you to create your own bespoke experience. Don’t be shy – our creative team love new projects and make the impossible happen! We’ve previously been asked to create unique, theatrical and immersive experiences for a large selection of high-profile clients – these range from game launches and PR events, to private parties and performances. Our bunker has also provided a creepy backdrop for various film & TV shows, you might have seen our Bunker 51 venue in Little Mix’s music video for Salute, The Only Way is Essex’s Christmas Special or in Channel 5’s How to Survive a Disaster Movie.

Recently our team have been helping out on some exciting projects and put on bespoke events for companies such as Sony, Virgin, Hasbro, Cineworld and much more. If you were lucky you might have run into (or away from!) some of our chained zombies moaning throughout Central London, or if you’re a real scare experience fan you might have already booked tickets for our upcoming Halloween pop-up event, Necropolis, London’s Journey of the DEAD.

Blitz doc edit

We use our gore, ghost, and ghoul expertise to create bespoke experiences, events or party.  At Apocalypse Events we’re zombie mad but our expertise is in immersing our audiences in surreal and shocking scenarios, from horrifying scare mazes to intense theatre productions. Our engrossing events cover a wide range of genres from adrenaline-fueled military themed events to nightmare inducing ghost tours. Why not join us at one of our regular events! IF you are brave enough…

Follow Apocalypse events on Facebook here and Twitter here.

Follow Bunker 51 on Facebook here and Twitter here.

They’re coming to get you Barbara! World Zombie Day London is BACK!

Hello darling zombies, grave-shufflers and creeping corpses! WE’RE BACK! Did you miss us?!

The planning for World Zombie Day London 2014 is well under way and BOY OH BOY it is going to be a great one! It will take place on Saturday 11th October 2014 from 1pm, get it in your undead diaries!

The route combines some of the traditional, best-loved stops and a BRAND NEW and exciting central London starting point. It will be an urban zombie and photographers dream… the route map will be revealed as usual in the days leading up to the event. Stay tuned!

After the success of last year we are once again stopping in public areas instead of pubs to make the day more family friendly, we loved seeing all the little zombies! But never fear, there will be pubs close to all stops so if you need to stumble off for a brain smoothie you can. The map will have departure times so you can re-join the horde for the next shuffle.

Flyer WZD 2014

For over 18 year old undead party heads we have a legendary end party to make sure the day ends on a high! Grab your tickets now, there are limited numbers and there may not be any on sale on the day. After a day of shuffling groaning and crawling through the streets of London we will head to 100 Club on Oxford Street… where we have ZOMBINA AND THE SKELETONES to entertain you, along with Gravedale High and Anarchistwood! More acts will be announced!

We are still on the lookout for sponsors! Have a look here for more information and sponsor perks!

Click here to register for the event and to buy your tickets! ONLY £7 with profits going to St Mungos. With such a fantastic line-up we expect them to sell out really quickly so get ‘em while they’re hot!

Remember that World Zombie Day is not just about having fun with the undead horde, it is to raise money and awareness for the fantastic charity St Mungos Broadway, who do amazing work helping homeless people. If you’re coming along to the event please donate what you can, and consider joining Team Zombie and getting your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you!

Lastly, remember to join the Facebook event and follow us on Twitter for updates…


World Zombie Day Seeking Sponsors

The WZD team are plotting another after-life party and are pleased to bring you none other than Zombina and the Skeltones amongst others… BUT we need some help!

Sponsors Needed

We’re looking for some sponsors for our planned charity fund raising post-apocalypse party, in central London on 11th October 2014. There are various levels of sponsorship and benefits, outlined below. If you are interested, or think you know a company or individual who might be, please get in touch or pass on this blog post!

Sponsorship: As a sponsor of World Zombie Day: London you will have the platform to create meaningful promotions, cementing the relationship with these consumers.

You will receive the following benefits: Logo placement, Exposure to our audience (2000+), Social media engagement and cross promotion.

IMPORTANT NOTE – NO PRE PRESS: Due to our need to manage attendance, all press done by sponsors must be limited to only during and post the event.

Levels of sponsorship: We offer several sponsorship levels to suit all budgets:

Brains, £500, 2 available: 10 free tickets, Mentions in press release & Facebook, Logo on print and online ads, Sponsor on website, On site presence

Guts, £200, 5 available: 4 free tickets, Mentions in press release & Facebook, Logo on print and online ads, Sponsor on website

Blood, Prize donation valued £75+, 6 available: 2 free tickets, Mentions on Facebook, Blog post

Extras: Talk to us to find more about these extra sponsorship opportunities: After party, wristbands, VIP event, movie screening, refreshments, t-shirts.

Want to find out more? Contact Megan Aileen Williams at to talk about becoming a sponsor.

Coming to World Zombie Day? READ THIS!

Welcome the horde!

Here is a checklist of things you need to know/do if you want to have the best time you possibly can on the day:

1) REGISTER for free on the Eventbrite page so you get emailed the map. And then PRINT OUT YOUR MAPS. IF YOU HAVE NO MAP WE WILL IGNORE YOU. Seriously guys, there are very few of us organisers/stewards are 2000ish of you and explaining the stops and directions gets very boring after a while…. Plus if we have had a few pints of brain juice we may just send you the wrong way (this has happened).


2) Remember as well as being an amazing day we are aiming to raise money for charity! Hackney Food Bank will be there to collect your food donations, and proceeds from the end party are going to St Mungos. You can also get your friends, family and people on the bus who ask what you’re doing to text  and donate! Text the code BRNZ69 and your donation amount (£3, £5 or £10) to 70070. One person chosen at random who donates will win two tickets to the bloody brilliant WWII ZOMBIE BLITZ 1940, Value £65 each Full Value £130!


3) If you want to come to the amazing Afterlife Party we are throwing which is chock-a-block with amazing bands and DJs please get a ticketttttt NOW before they run out. Only £5 with profits going to St Mungos! You can get them on the same page as the registration (so you get the MAP)

4) PLEASE READ and STICK to the Zombie Code of Conduct. That means no threatening behaviour, no littering, destruction or damage of property or any other illegal behaviour or OTT silliness. The police and the press will be watching us and we want to make a good impression and keep the event running in the years to come! The organisers will not be held responsible for your actions!


6) On that note: STRICTLY NO ILLEGAL DRUGS are permitted and no alcohol for under 18’s. Police will be called if this rule is broken. Please bring ID if you are old enough to drink and will be stopping by any pubs, and be understanding if you are refused entry  – it means your zombie makeup is amazeballs.


8) As you will see on the map, this year the set stops are not at pubs. I KNOW… shock horror! NO PUBS?! Don’t worry… the reason we have done this is because now attendance numbers are too high for everyone to fit in one pub, so we will gather in large public areas. If you wish to wander to a pub and come back you are free to do so! The stopping and leaving times are on the map. Which you are going to print and bring, right?!

Image from Fink Visuals

9) We love the police, and they kind of like us. We make them chuckle with our crazy zombie antics and so far they have allowed us to carry on our event every year unhindered. SO when they say NO FAKE WEAPONS OF ANY KIND no matter what bright colour/how plastic looking, we will listen to them. Won’t we?!

10) It is London, it is October. Please try to incorporate some kind of warm/weatherproof clothing into your costume. Nothing worse than post-WZD sniffles. Also zombies love comfy shoes. There will be a fair bit of walking and standing around.

11) We all love WZD and always have such great memories and photos after the event. Please share yours by using the hashtag  #WZD2013. Add the London postcode you are at and you will be added to!


Finally, we would like to thank you for being a part of the best day of the year! It is all your support, enthusiasm and excitement that keeps the event coming back bigger and better each year and that keeps us going as organisers. It is fantastic to see familiar faces and the effort that goes into the scary/amazing/hilarious costumes and makeup you all come up with. So, cheers. London zombies are world class. SEE YOU ON SATURDAY!

Zombie SWAT Training from Apocalypse Events/Bunker 51

Here’s another action-packed zombie adventure event from our friends at Apocalypse Events/Bunker 51


The invasion has begun and soon London will be swarming with the UNDEAD. Step inside the battle zone; face your biggest fears and fight to save the world from imminent disaster.
The end is near and you must learn how to survive. Luckily you are one of the selected few deemed worthy to undergo intense zombie survival training from our undead response unit. Not only will you get to handle at least 3 different types of weaponry, you will also be taught life-saving techniques in how to immobilise and destroy the zombie hoard.
You will be given a secret evacuation point in the heart of London, and then be transported by our mission commanders to London’s underground zombie HQ, code name: BUNKER 51. The decommissioned nuclear Bunker, has been a research facility for zombie observation for over a decade and now with rumours of zombies attacking in London, Bunker 51 is ready to train recruits in the essentials of zombie survival.
Be prepared for London’s scariest and most realistic zombie-themed event.
You must be physically fit, emotionally sound and ready to blow some zombie brains out!
WARNING: This event is not for the faint-hearted. Expect big frights, gore and the end of civilization…

Bunker 51 presents Zombie Blitz 1940


The zombie fun doesn’t have to stop when World Zombie Day is over for another year… Our friends at Apocalypse Events/ Bunker 51 have some zombietastic things going on! Look out for the guys on Saturday, they will be collecting for charity- and also offering exclusive discount tickets, flyers, plus photos with their gorey zombie horde, even taking applications to apply for a paid regular ZOMBIE job positions in London!

How about this night for Vintage with a twist….

Zombie Blitz 1940

Zombie Blitz 1940 at Waterloo Tunnels – London’s newest zombie experience brought to you by Apocalypse Events at Bunker 51. Start your Sunday with a relaxing 1940’s style tea party until your fun is quickly interrupted by the roar of air raid sirens…Take shelter as London, yet again, endures the wrath of the unrelenting bombers, and delve deep into the cavernous underbelly of a City under siege in World War 2 London. It is now in the hands of the British public and our new civilian soldiers to work together to unarm this biological hazard before our enemies can unleash havoc on the survivors and causalities of London’s Blitz. As this long and devastating war continues, new unthinkable threats appear. At the height of the blitz, where London has been the ultimate target, with a constant rain of incendiary fire and high explosive bombs, the nation must stand in the way of imminent defeat.There is an emerging urgent race in the field of biological science to produce the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, one that could destroy all nations and bring an abrupt end to this unholy war.
Recent intercepted communications from the enemies High Command has informed British intelligence that enemy Scientists could be working on terrifying new biological weapons, ready to reek indescribable horrors on an unsuspecting population, RIGHT ON OUR DOORSTEP! Step into 1940’s Britain and let us take you an an immersive horror story adventure in the historical tunnels underneath Waterloo Station London.