Get your zombie look at and they’ll donate to Shelter from the Storm (plus 10% off)

Get your zombie look at and they’ll donate to Shelter from the Storm (plus 10% off)

10% off at!

Are you raring to go for this year’s World Zombie Day, but haven’t found the perfect outfit yet? Go to for 10% off all zombie purchases; from costumes and accessories, to special effects and makeup, and Joke will donate 10% of your order to Shelter from the Storm. Just use code ZOMBIE10 before the 7th of October to receive your discount.

Looking for inspiration?

We’ve put together some of our favourite undead costume ideas to get you in the zombie spirit.

The Complete Zombie Halloween Costume (1) is a truly gruesome choice for embracing the haunting spirit of the day. It comes with everything you’ll need to creep out people on the streets of London, including the mask, shirt, trousers and gloves. The netted eyes of the mask mean that you can see out, but no one can see in, making it even more gorily spine-chilling. It also comes in a Plus Size version, and as the Kid’s Horror Zombie Costume (2) so little horrors can join in too.

Want to choose a slightly different take on the zombie character? Then the Bloody Clown Costume (3) is the one for you, letting you frighten people who aren’t just scared of the living dead, but also those pesky clowns. Talk about multitasking. Even better, it comes at the scarily low price of £7.99.

Remember to use the discount code  ZOMBIE10 at checkout

Make sure every member of the family can be truly disgusting and enjoy the zombie festivities, with kid’s zombie fancy dress. The Kid’s Punk Zombie (4) and Kid’s Zombie Schoolgirl (5) are the perfect creepy children’s choices.

Join the undead congregation in the Zombie Nun Costume (6). Potentially offensive, and remarkably comfortable, the costume comes complete with wimple (head piece – we had to Google it too), bloody dress with attached wound (convenient) with a soft, stabbing cross, and a rope belt.

For a beautifully feminine look, there’s the Biohazard Zombie Nurse (7). You’ll definitely turn heads in this get up. To complete the look combine it with some Bright Green Snazaroo Face Paint, and some Snazaroo Gel Blood Accessory to make it truly grisly.

Complete your look with some special FX make up from Tinsley Transfers. These high quality special effects are the most realistic on the market, having been designed by Hollywood makeup artists.

Combine a selection of transfers, like the Zombie Jawbone (8), Zombie Nose (9) and Zombie Torn Throat (10), with some Snazaroo Face Paint and Snazaroo Gel Blood , and you’ll steal the show – when it comes to looking hideous and undead that is. You’ll be the best looking zombie in the whole of London town.

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