We’re fundraising for Shelter from the Storm

We’re fundraising for Shelter from the Storm

Zombies are famous for many things, but not many folks know that we’re also very generous and charitable.

In fact people are constantly surprised (including quite a few people who have already registered and should know better, tut tut) that this year we’re supporting Shelter from the Storm.

Shelter from the Storm is a free homeless shelter in London, and it is completely independent from the Government. This means they can take anyone from anywhere.

Founded in 2007 by Sheila Scott and Louie Salvoni to provide shelter and support for the homeless and dispossessed from anywhere, Shelter from the Storm picks up the pieces from the human fallout and helps to manifest real positive changes for those that cross their path. Sheila was recently awarded a statue by the ‘Put Her Forward’ project for her amazing work starting Shelter from the Storm.

On their website you can read stories from some of the people they have helped over the years, and people they are still helping:

  • A 20-year-old who used to be a carer before he lost his way
  • A 61-year-old woman excited to have her own garden in her own ‘home for life’
  • A cancer survivor and father of two daughters who now counsels others with cancer
  • A trans woman dreaming of transitioning
  • And many more…

Shelter from the Storm provides them all with some decent sleep, some decent food, and some peace. They are no longer hunted, no longer sleeping in libraries or buses… they are building new lives.

After reading through these interviews and stories, it turns out that zombies can cry. A little known scientific fact.

As well as the optional donation when you register to attend you can also make a page on JustGiving, and use it to join our fundraising team. Send it around to friends and family, and if you’re reluctant to bother your loved ones with charity then remember the stories from Shelter from the Storm’s website. It only exists because of the donations they receive.

Or you can quickly donate now on our fundraising page: