A look back at World Zombie Day: London

A look back at World Zombie Day: London

World Zombie Day has been a reliable date in our Halloween calendars for over a decade. But with many emotions, we have to tell you this is the last World Zombie Day: London we will be hosting. Maybe other undead will rise up to take our place, but our corpses have earned their rest.

We’ve been through a lot over the years and done a lot of good for charity. We’ve made a lot of memories, mostly terrifying but some of genuine affection. Even as we’ve torn bodies apart, we have brought people together. The footprints we leave behind are dragging and lopsided, but maybe they’ll lead another horde to the same place one day.

So with the last World Zombie Day approaching on October 5th (register here) let’s take a shamble down memory lane and look back on over a decade of World Zombie Day photos. Alex Lane has been an invaluable team member of WZD and has documented the day with his fantastic photos since 2010.

Here are some of our favourites from his collection!

We hope to see you all back this year for one big last hurrah!