World Zombie Day: London 2017 Roundup

Now that Halloween is over, this year’s WZD is shuffling happily back to the grave. Weary bones, sore feet, but big toothy grins on all your faces. Or have your lips been torn away? Maybe it’s both.

We can finally reveal the results of the second-best day of the year! This one was remarkable in so many ways: old faces and new, so many Ricks, some zom-babies and zom-kids and zom-doggos, we finally conquered Camden, we didn’t encounter anyone the Met Police warned us about, AND two of our long-time zombies got ENGAGED!

Congratulations to Daniella P. and Gavin T.! It makes the whole ‘til death do us part’ thing a little complicated but love will find a way. The entire WZD team has agreed that for fairly humble engagement present, we’ll be giving you our sponsor prize from Bunker 51: 2 tickets to zombie SWAT training in London.

Also congratulations to our competition winners Theresa W. who won a copy of the video game Bloody Zombies, and congratulations to Ally W. who won four tickets to Trapped in a Room with a Zombie! You haven’t won a life-partner but you get to be trapped with a ravenous monster slowly growing closer as you desperately figure out how to escape. We’ll be in touch via email to let you know how to redeem your prizes.

With roughly 700 to 800 zombies, photographers, and a kind donation from Angel’s costume hire, we raised £906.00 for St Mungo’s to help the homeless. This will help around 180 people by providing beds, counselling, and important healthcare. You can continue to donate on our Justgiving page.

You can also still donate even now by texting ‘BRNZ66 £5’ (or whatever you can afford) to 70070.


Before we pull the grave dirt over ourselves like a snug blanket of soil and worms, we can promise you this: we have some very ambitious schemes to make next year even more fun, and freshen up your grimey corpses. Find out more when the sky rains more mysterious chemicals, the rituals recommence, the cursed comet returns to the sky, and the infected once again rampage through London. Sleep well, you undead darlings. Sleep well…