Get 10% off at Angels Fancy Dress

With autumn coming, and the undead event of the year just around the corner, it’s time to revitalise your wardrobe! Angel costumes have provided us with a 10% discount when you use our exclusive code, and 10% of the purchase even goes towards St Mungo’s!

How easy could this look Zom-be?

Get 10% discount using code ZOMBIEWALK in Angels Fancy Dress stores or on their website Creating your World Zombie Day look is easy at Angels Fancy Dress with their massive range of costume, SFX makeup and fancy-dress accessories. You can:

  • Turn heads and stomachs with some exposed Zombie SFX transfers! A little exposed bone goes a long way.
  • How about a Bruise Wheel? Ideal for bruises, decay and that oh so stylish rigor mortis – totally in this season.
  • And don’t forget the Fake Blood. We literally couldn’t live without it. You’ll always need more than you think.

10% of your purchase goes towards World Zombie Day – St Mungo’s charity. For more makeup looks check out or post on “How to Use Liquid Latex to Simulate Torn Flesh”.