The underlying mission of World Zombie Day is to support the prevention of hunger and homelessness. We do this by raising money for charities that work towards alleviating these issues.

Our charity of choice for 2018 is Shelter from the Storm, London’s only free homeless shelter. Located in North London, they provide shelter and support for the homeless and dispossessed.

At Shelter from the Storm, they do not waste time and energy worrying about whose responsibility someone is or who’s going to pick up the tab … they will. Because they raise all their own money, without a penny from the Government, they can and do receive guests from anywhere; from the Probation Service to the Red Cross, from Guildford to Ghana, regardless of their access to funding. They have guests who are fleeing torture, forced marriage, honour crime, trafficking for work or sex and plenty who have just fallen through the cracks of our society. Whether it’s an ex squaddie with post traumatic stress compounded by alcoholism, a domestic worker kept in slavery, or a young person thrown out by their family for being gay – their volunteers care for each guest as an individual.

Shelter from the Storm relies entirely on generous donations to survive. Everything you give is used purely to keep offering their services to those who need them.

For less than £20 per guest per day, they provide a warm bed, breakfast, a hot evening meal and a range of services including – laundry, showers, counselling, legal clinic and English lessons.

Text BRNZ57 £3 to 70070 



Help us fundraise!

When we act as a team, we can achieve bigger results, please join us.

Your skills and energy are in demand! We invite you to join the World Zombie Day: London fundraising team. With you on board to help promote the campaign, the team can raise more money for Shelter from the Storm.

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**Please note you will still need to register to attend on the Oct. 6th and receive the route details.