Win Tickets to Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

One of our sponsors, Apocalypse Events, run some of the best and most horrifying immersive experiences in London.

They have offered 4 tickets to be won by one of our special survivors this year.


You are locked in a room. There is a zombie chained to the wall. Somewhere, there is a key.

After five minutes, the chain is 12 inches longer. Every five minutes, another twelve inches. You and nine other people have an hour to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room before the zombie can reach you. You’ve never felt pressure like trying to solve riddles under the hungry gaze of an undead, rotting monster.


By helping spread the word about World Zombie Day: London you’ll be entered into the draw. See details below.

World Zombie Day: London

This Zombie Experience consists of an introductory briefing, a meet and greet with your fellow ‘locked in a room’ participants if you didn’t arrive together, and then the challenge begins! In the escape room not only are there puzzles, mindbending brainteasers and clues, but also a resident evil, a zombie on a chain, a deathline that gets ever longer as the minutes pass, & a whole new level of pressure! After the event you will also receive a de-briefing with solutions explanation, so even though the escape room part of the event only takes an hour, do make sure you set aside at least 1.5hrs – 2hrs for this experience.

Your zombie escape room experience will include:

Intense and challenging puzzles!
Fear fueled adrenaline as the zombie staggers closer every five minutes!
A unique blend of hilarity and horror!
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