Buy after party tix to win Apocalypse Events Tickets

Our generous sponsors Apocalypse Events have a treat in store for you. Apocalypse Events offer a range of immersive scare experiences across London providing unique, realistic, and creative frights and scary delights.

Anyone who buys within the next 24 hours (or who has bought tickets) to the after-life party  (with or without t-shirt)will be entered into the draw to win either:

2 Tickets to Zombie SWAT Training (Total Value £230)


2 Tickets to Trapped in a room with a zombie (total value £60)

Before we tell you more about these killer events, let’s remind you of all what fun the after-life party will be!

At the new 12 Bar (203 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DL) – if you haven’t seen this venue since it moved you’ll be in for a treat. There’s plenty of room to dance and shamble the night away or to hide away in a corner if you prefer.

They’ve put together a very special menu for the night. And the food is damn good too! Lot’s of veggie options for those non-flesh eaters.

Preview the menu:

Classic Burger – The Night of the Dead £5.50
Like George A Romero’s iconic movie, this one is a classic

Mushroom cheese Burger (V) – The Survivor £5.50
For the Zombie with a particular diet, a tasty Mushroom Cheese Burger, hold the flesh

Bacon & Cheese Burger – The Apocalypse £6.00
A Hoard travels on its stomach and this tasty flesh combo is just what you need to keep going…

Click the link for more….

We’ve got lined up for you a special performance bythe one and only Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show and DJs til the wee hours (4 AM)!

Tickets are only £5

DJ’s will be DJ Joyzi (Breed 77/12 Bar Club) playing rock & metal, and Adam Lightspeed (Sin City/Star Scream) playing horror-movie rock.

Vince Ripper and The Rodent Show is a  BONEYARD SPOOK A-RAMA 3D ZOMBIE BAND FOR THE DEAD!!!!!!!  The show also includes sonic performances of classic Cramps and Alien Sex Fiend tracks.



Now for what you could win!

In 2015 Apocalypse Events launched the UK franchise of the worldwide live escape game – TRAPPED IN A ROOM WITH A ZOMBIE.

How to Survive…

  1. Follow the clues
  2. Solve the puzzles
  3. Find the keys
  4. Escape the room
  5. Don’t get eaten!

Trapped in a room with a zombie brings to life the mental challenges and adventure of online Escape Games, the pressure of Crystal Maze and the sleuthing of Sherlock Holmes to create pulse pounding team building activity that will have your mind racing and adrenaline flowing Are you ready to be locked in a room with up to 11 other people and a terrifying and hungry Zombie chained to the wall!



Every 5 minutes the chain 1 foot longer and the zombie gets a little bit more dangerous. You have 1 hour to to solve the clues in time to unlock the door and escape before something hideous happens to your BRAINS…

White Chapel, East London £30 per person


Zombie SWAT Training

Looking for a dead good day out? Welcome to Zombie SWAT Training, the ultimate zombie survival experience.

You have been chosen as one of the select few deemed worthy to undergo intense zombie survival training from our undead response unit to protect what remains of London. Only the strong will survive.

Not only will you get to handle at least 3 different types of weaponry, complete terrifying pitch black missions, and discover secrets of the Bunker, you will also be taught life-saving techniques in how to immobilise and destroy the zombie hoard.

Step inside the battle zone; face your biggest fears and fight to save the world from imminent disaster.

Hidden in North Greenwich the decommissioned nuclear Shelter Bunker 51, has been a secret research facility for zombie observation.
With rumours circulating of zombie attacks in London, Bunker 51 is ready to train recruits in the essentials of zombie survival.

Be prepared for London’s scariest and most realistic zombie experience.

You must be physically fit, emotionally sound and ready to blow some zombie brains out!

So thanks again to our Sponsor – some of you lucky zombies will have a wicked time with them.