Zombies hit the Underground

The brand new game to hit the iTunes store today, Zombie Underground, has  partnered up with us for their Game Launch.

Not to *bury* the lead, but do take a moment and make sure you have checked that your your train will get you to World Zombie Day. There are planned and partial closures on every line except the Central, Jubilee, Piccadilly and DLR so there’s a good chance you may run into some delays!

Back to the game…

The goal is not to survive the latest Zombie outbreak, but to continue with life as you know it.
It’s you, a Zombie, against the cities’ most annoying and blood thirsty characters; Commuters.

Let out your commuting frustrations and fight your way through the all-too-familiar enemy and get on the train that will get you to your days appointments.

Don’t let anyone stand in your way, or push you aside. You must do whatever it takes to get on (and off) the train – using your Zombie fists, or everyday items that you can use on your fellow Zombie commuters to make your trips that little bit easier.

The modern and mobile Stress Buster.

Download Zombie Underground now.

If you take some snaps of zombie on the underground, share it with zombie underground!  They’ll be adding all the photos they get (and take) on to their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/zombieunderground.