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Zombie Laundry

Zombies – Are you tired of stubborn, hard to shift blood stains on your clothes? Ground-in dirt making your after-life miserable? Is your restless shuffling attire looking a little worse for wear? Musician/film director/screen writer and all-round legend Rob Zombie has the answer….


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  1. I gave him the stagename Zombie for the zombies in Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video. After writing the songs Living Dead Girl and Dragula I was then inspired by Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott’s disguise he would wear to get around in public for Zombie’s early look. Joe discovered me when I was 15 in 1983. I have started a blog here to get feedback from fans of bands/artists I wrote for. Hope you will visit. Amy Lee (founder of Evanescence) no, I’m not Amy Lynn Hartzler

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