World Zombie Day London 2011: You stole our hearts and ate our brains!

Dear Zombies,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my rotting heart for coming along on Saturday and making it such an epic, memorable World Zombie Day! I loved every shambling, groaning, blood splattered second of it.

There was such an amazing atmosphere and mind-bending array of make-up and costumes, you really did us proud! An extra big thanks to all of you who helped our fund raising efforts by setting up your sponsorship pages, donating and/or handing out flyers. We will post the total amount raised for St.Mungo’s soon, in the meantime you can still donate if you wish to.

A special mention goes out to Team Zombie – Super Sarah, who had an epic struggle across London with a box of flyers and T-shirts, Marvellous Megan,who was twittertastic all day until the booze took over (hehe), both the Werld Zombie Daves for their loveliness, enthusiasm and fabulous crowd control, Steven Uden for his advice, cheesy music! and general awesomeness. Also a big shout out to Umbrella Corp,  and all those who took the time to photograph and film the day, including Sean Labode and Alex Lane. Also thanks to Anchor Bay, PopCap, Prince Charles Cinema, Badaude for the map, and all the staff at The Old Explorer, The Red Lion, Waxy O’Connors and The Phoenix Artist’s Club.

So, to the veterans and newbies of WZD, zombie clowns and the pregnant nun, skating zombie and Chelsea zombie, dead Kylie and Amy, Zombie Audrey, Icky Face guy, 8-bit zombie, nurses and sexy soldier zombies (Emma..!), the don’t-get-runover guys, SHAUN OF THE DEAD!, rockers and filmstars, Lady Emily, cheerleaders and cute zombie kids, suits, DJ helper zombie guy, victims we picked up along the way and anyone and everyone I missed from this list….


Please keep watching this space! We hope to plan more events and meet-ups! And tell us your stories from the day in the comments below (we are already feeling nostalgic).


Love and Brains,

Becca, The Zombie Air Hostess xxx