Win a Prize Pack from The Ministry Of Zombies!

Best dressed zombie wins a prize haul from our sponsors at the Ministry Of Zombies. They’ve kindly donated  a signed copy of  War Against the Walking Dead, poster, & a page of the script by Sean T. Page. Book description: Employing real science and pioneering field work, War Against The Walking Dead provides a complete blueprint for taking back your country from the rotting cluthces of the dead after a zombie apocalypse. Arm yourself with the latest scientific insight from the world’s leading zombiologists including startling new analysis on why survivors must fight back within the first years of the crisis or risk being crushed by unstoppable ‘Meta-Hordes’ of the walking dead. Packed with crucial zombie war information and advice, from how to build a city of the living in a land of the dead to tactic on how to use a survivor army to liberate your country from the zombies. War Against The Dead may be humanity’s last chance! Ministry of Zombies War Against the Walking Dead


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