“THE DEAD” Fancy Dress Competition

The Dead DVD 3D
Do you suffer from post-WZD blues? We have the answer – the brilliant zombie flick The Dead will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 10th October – so you still have something to look forward to when all the groaning
/shuffling (and drinking) is over and the fake blood stains begin to fade.

The Dead, a zombie road movie with a spiritual centre — that director Ford calls The English Patient meets Dawn of the Dead — is set in the very near future where most of the world has succumbed to the virus of the living dead. After crashing off the coast of Africa, Lt. Brian Murphy battles for survival across the continent in search of a way to get back to his family in the US. Saved by local military man Daniel Dembele, who is also searching for his son, the two join up, all the while battling against the ever-present zombie threat.

In association with Anchor Bay, we will be having a competition during World Zombie Day to find the best The Dead themed zombie costume on the march, with exclusive shiny prizes for the winner. This winner will receive a copy of The Dead on DVD and Blu-ray, a t-shirt and signed poster.

Check out the trailers on YouTube for inspiration! The film features old-school, slow-moving zombies, simply and effectively portrayed as dead-eyed, pallid and dirty. Any classic zombies, whether sporting blank-eyed contacts, blood-spattered or dribbling brains, will be deemed eligible to enter the competition, while a military theme would be particularly relevant. Feel free to try and emulate the special effects if you’ve seen the film!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7rA5_vijSs]

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