Text 70070 and enter BRNZ77 and your amount £3, £5, £10) to win 10 laser tag tix

Win 10 tickets for the Halloween event at Star Command, because let’s face it, zombie tag is more fun in packs.

Donate to St. Mungo’s by text to 70070 and enter BRNZ77 and your amount (£3, £5, £10). *Be sure to select GiftAid and leave your name so we know who you are! One donors will be drawn at random to receive the prize.

Suit up recruit; your mission begins now…

An ancient sentience is reawakening in the deepest reaches beneath the Star Command facility, stirred from slumber by the battles raging overhead. Both sides thought that the facility was abandoned……They were wrong.

Patrols have started to disappear.

Terror haunts the corridors and tunnels, and none but the bravest dare walk alone. Old grievances are set aside and new alliances must be forged. Federation Trooper and Alliance Commando alike must set aside their differences and work together against this new threat.

We must discover what horror lies below, before it breaks free and unleashes devestation on the galaxy.

Star Command