Don’t miss the After Party

The ritual has commenced. A toxic rain is falling. A comet with odd chemical properties has been spotted in the sky. Reports of a mysterious disease are circulating. Experts estimate that all these factors, and more, will reach a collective climax on SATURDAY 7th OCTOBER 2017!


WORLD ZOMBIE DAY: LONDON is coming again, rising from the grave, lurching down your street, lusting for your brains. Put the date in your calendar and start thinking about your zombie disguise.

This year is our TENTH ANNIVERSARY. So join us (whether your first time or if you’re an old-timer) to help us commemorate this landmark! Dress up in your zombie finest to gather at a secret location and shamble your way through the streets of London. The walk is free and family friendly.

In the evening we gather for the After Party where we will have our own private bar/room at The Piccadilly Institute and our special guest DJ Ben Christo from The Sisters of Mercy/Decadence Club. Visit the playlist for a taste.

The first part is FREE but please register on our website at

While registering you can also get a ticket for the PARTY. Once you’re registered, we’ll email you the route map before the event. Join our Facebook community for more updates, costume tips, and your fellow ghouls.

More about the After (life) Party: Starts at 6pm

Please show your support by purchasing your £5 entry ticket. The profits go to St. Mungo’s and it’s a great way to finish the walk – surrounded by your fellow undead – no room for the living!

World Zombie Day: London’s official after party is sponsored by Bloody Zombies – the videogame – and will be held at the iconic Piccadilly Institute, right in the delicious beating heart of Central London! Well known for its creative cocktails and quirky décor, this is the perfect place for the zombie horde to gather.

Tired of having to queue up with the living to get a drink, we have the creepy Clinic Room reserved for you VIP zombies! Expect bespoke zombie cocktails and gut-filling food at Happy Hour prices till 9pm (50% off everything excluding bottles of spirit or champagne) and dancing, lots and lots of dancing. There’s no late entry (after 8pm) but we have free rein of the venue till 3am.

The venue is strictly over 18’s only and valid photo ID must be provided to gain entry (no photocopies).

Limited tickets available.




About our After Party Sponsor: Bloody Zombies

Team Up. Bash Brains. Save London

Bloody Zombies, a brand new title developed by Paw Print Games and published by nDreams, is coming to console, PC and VR headsets this September

Bloody Zombies combines irreverent British humor, exaggerated characterisation with an approach to over-the-top urban violence to create a new style of brawler. Team play is definitely key, but you’ll also need to beat your friends to compete for the highest score.” — Antony White, Co-Founder and Director at Paw Print Games


Bloody Zombies will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and also supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. Price and age rating TBC.

Top 5 Cute Things Survivors Do

Survivors. Some are pretty reluctant to join the undead horde and instead do dumb things like remove our heads or destroy our brains. Others are adorable, with their funny ways and their screams and their delicious flavours. Here’s our list of what we think are the cutest things survivors do as they flee our grasping, broken claws. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you can think of others!

  1. Fighting amongst themselves

Living humans have so many conflicting motivations and needs, and with limited resources not all of their needs can be met. Objectively the sensible thing to do (even at the best of times) would be to negotiate patiently and compromise according to urgency. In a zombie apocalypse you’d think this would be even more sensible, since living humans become so scarce. They need each other much more than they need power over each other. But no, they insist on bickering over hierarchies and ethics. Isn’t it CUTE!? Nothing like that ever happens in a zombie horde. You never see any of us arguing about where we are on the map. We all always know exactly where we’re going: after them.

  1. Lie about being bitten

Most of us remember being bitten (apart from those of us cursed by magic, infected by airborne particles, etc etc) and I’m pretty sure most of us decided to lie about it, right? Mortality seemed such a big deal at the time. We can all look back and laugh about it now, which is why it’s so cute when other living humans do it too. So worried, so upset, so pointless. Such naivety is enough to make you blush – if your blood hasn’t transformed into a thick black ooze.

  1. Lock themselves in

You know how we (mostly) shuffle patiently along towards whatever thing we think we want? And how humans (mostly) move way faster than us? And how speed is one of their best advantages? But how they all dream of finding a fortress, then they seal up every single door, leaving themselves no escape routes? There’s that old saying about fish in a barrel… the look of surprise is always priceless.

  1. Try to rebuild their previous civilisation

Honestly, why? There’s only two ways the zombie apocalypse is going to go – either our horde finally devours the entirety of humanity, or maybe humanity manages to crawl back from the brink of extinction. Either way things will never be the same again. They’re going to need to live near water, farm hard, put out their own fires, ride a bike or a horse everywhere, eat healthily to prevent catching the latest (non-zombie) plague, and constantly worry about our return. Even if enough survivors are left to attain the same globalised level of industry, it’s going to take generations. But they’re all so full of dreams. ADORBZ!

  1.  Sticking to cities

It’s pretty understandable since cities are where all the best stuff is. But everyone knows the streets belong to the undead. They’re no place for the living. Click here to help St Mungo’s prevent homelessness and help people get off our streets.

Zombie wedding: they can be newly-deads with your help

Deep Silver has been looking for an engaged couple of Dead Island fans to take part in a zombie themed wedding and win a Caribbean honeymoon. The competition asked for the submission of a video explaining why they are the ideal candidates for the ceremony.

Well, one of our own and her other zombie half have hopes to be the winning couple! Megan created this video and you might recognise her as on of the organisers for World Zombie Day: London 2012 and 2011.

Please help her and her fiancé win by going to the Dead Island Riptide Zombie Wedding page on Facebook and liking the hell out of their post “Thanks to Jason and Megan for their entry to our Dead Island Riptide Zombie Wedding!”

Here’s their submission… (sorry it’s not embeddable)

Deep Silver Competition Video

Dead Island Riptide takes place on a tropical island that turns into total chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak. It is set for release in April 2013.

What’s the charity? How can I help?

Greetings Zombies!

Welcome to any of you newly crawled from the grave, and welcome back to long time shufflers who have experienced the groaning, moaning, blood splattered day of pleasure that is WZD London before!

This year the zombie horde will be marching in support of St.Mungo’s, an organisation that does amazing work helping London’s homeless people. You can find more information on the work they do here –

So, what can you do to help? There are a number of ways:

  • Simply donate to the group’s JustGiving pages here:
  • Sponsor our mascot ‘Wozzy’ by texting AQOK92 £AMOUNT to 70070. Share this Instructional Handout with friends or strangers.
  • Set up a JustGiving page yourself and ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. THERE WILL BE PRIZES FOR THE TOP FUNDRAISERS! See the JustGiving website for details of how to set up your own page here:
  • You can use a good, old-fashioned paper sponsorship form instead if you prefer. We have one from St.Mungo’s that has a gift aid option. Download the  Sponsorship Form or email and I can send you a printable PDF version.
  • Chuck some change in the collection buckets that will be at a few of the venues along the way!
  • Keep checking this blog at The Zombie Digest for more fund-raising ideas or subscribe by email 
  • Buy a WZD London T-shirt

Those of you who have come along before will know how many people stop and ask for photos, ask what we’re doing or even get involved and a zombie make-over from helpful members of the horde! This year we will have flyers with the JustGive text number for WZD on them, we  would love you to hand these out and (gently) encourage these people to donate to our cause 🙂

Zombie Laundry

Zombies – Are you tired of stubborn, hard to shift blood stains on your clothes? Ground-in dirt making your after-life miserable? Is your restless shuffling attire looking a little worse for wear? Musician/film director/screen writer and all-round legend Rob Zombie has the answer….