Top 5 Cute Things Survivors Do

Survivors. Some are pretty reluctant to join the undead horde and instead do dumb things like remove our heads or destroy our brains. Others are adorable, with their funny ways and their screams and their delicious flavours. Here’s our list of what we think are the cutest things survivors do…

Zombies of the World Unite!

A Message from World Zombie Day Headquarters![youtube] Zombies across the world will rise and walk the earth on Saturday 8th October, and all for worthy causes. Here in London we will be supporting St.Mungo's and helping homeless people off the streets. Please donate here!  

Zombie Laundry

Zombies – Are you tired of stubborn, hard to shift blood stains on your clothes? Ground-in dirt making your after-life miserable? Is your restless shuffling attire looking a little worse for wear? Musician/film director/screen writer and all-round legend Rob Zombie has the answer.... [youtube]