Has it been a year already?

There’s a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon. Make sure you don’t miss it and keep up to date by setting World Zombie Day: London’s Facebook page to ‘like and see first’. It’s the best way to join us and start getting excited! It’s also a great place to find fellow ghastly ghouls, and share tips on remaining fresh but also terrifying.

Step-by-step instructions

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While we wait for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, let’s cast our minds back to last year. If you were still lurking in your grave back then (or worse, LIVING), this is a good way to find out what you’re in for.

We raised an amazing £2233 for St Mungo’s last year alone. This year we aim to really go BIG! We are encouraging everyone to start their own zombie fundraising page! You can encourage friends and family to donate their money next to your name, and whoever gets the most donations will be declared ZOMBIE OF THE DAY! (More on that soon)

Last year we saw so many glorious zombies with so much creativity – the bar has been raised for this year (along with the dead obviously).

If you want to see some of the transformations our zombies went through on the day (and steal some ideas) check out this wonderful post from The Guardian where photographer Alicia Canter went to meet some of the participants, including a group of students and a family from France, picturing them before and after they dressed up: World Zombie Day participants – undead and alive.

And if you’d like something with moving pictures:

Even the Daily Mail noted that we were ‘polite’ which is high praise indeed. Not bad for soulless ghouls!

At a mystery stop along the route, we had a soul-rising performance from the incredible “psycho-delic-anarchist-techno-velvet-stomp” of Anarchistwood, who played a special secret gig for us zombies! It was enough to… RAISE THE DEAD!

For a whole host of images and videos, visit our gallery. Be warned: you will be jealous and inspired.