Its HERE! Some last minute advice for newbie zombies…

We’ve all been waiting patiently and its finally here – World Zombie Day London 2012!

Whether you’re a veteran or freshly dead, here are some top tips to get the best out of the day.

1) Know your route and timings! Register here (its fast and free) and you’ll get a printable copy of the map, or download it from the previous post. Also check TFL for line closures, and pre-plan your way home.

2) Relax and pace yourself, its a heck of a long day so no need to do 6 shots of tequila at the first pub and miss the epic Intrepid Fox end! No one likes a pukey zombie!

3) Zombie problems? Who you gonna call? WZD STEWARDS thats who! There will be official stewards with armbands to look after the horde and point you all in the right direction, so if you are really stuck speak to one of them. But please bear in mind they are volunteers who are there to enjoy the day too, so don’t bother them with stupid stuff!

4) Lady zombies – two words – flat. shoes. Also, check the weather and try to incorporate something warm/dry into your costume in case it rains!

5) Sadly, there are always a few bad apples in a big crowd, so please look after your belongings, a few people lost cameras last year 🙁

6) Please be nice to the lovely pub staff who have agreed to serve a massive horde of zombies. You may have to wait for a bit to get served, but thats ok right? There’s plenty of zombie company to distract you from the wait! Under 18’s – no drinky drinky booze. Naughty. DO as the doorstaff tell you, they are big and scary.

7) Be aware of the rules of conduct. We have permission from the police to run this event, and we don’t want to jepoardise that for future zombies! Please don’t bring anything that may be considered a weapon – this includes cricket bats, Shaun-a-likes! Sorry!

8) Keep in touch on twitter, #WZDL2012 and Facebook. There are always a billion pictures and video footage posted the weeks after WZD, tag yourselves, connect with all your new zombuddies, look forward to next year…