Coming soon! World Zombie Day London 2016

It is the time of year when the dark winter nights start drawing in and we reach for our wooly jumpers. But MOST IMPORTANTLY our undead friends begin clawing their way out of their graves to take part in the beloved annual zombie crawl through the streets of this great city!

So, if you have never been before (where have you been? This is the 9th one!) this post will tell you a few of the whats, whys, whens and wherefores of weird and wonderful World Zombie Day London.

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What is it?

In a nutshell, we get dressed up in our zombie finest, gather at a spot somewhere in central London and then proceed to shamble our way through the streets on a set route, stopping at points along the way. Then, if you wish, you can come along to the after party for a brain juice or two. But of course, there is much more to it than that!


The main reason of course is FUN! WZD fans come back year after year to catch up and have a great day out. We now have new generations of mini zombies, so cute! But there is a serious side. We use the day to raise money and awareness for a great charity – St Mungos, who are working towards ending homeless and rebuilding lives. You can show your support by donating straight to our JustGiving page, buying a ticket for the end event, or why not set up your own fundraising page and become part of Team Zombie, just like Sarah and friends have done here!


The event takes place in cities all over the world on the same day, it started in 2009 at the Monroeville Mall in Pitsburgh, the site where Romero’s Dawn of the Dead was filmed. It usually takes place early October, this year it falls on Saturday 8th October.

I’m IN! What do I do?

Welcome on board, zombie chums! You will find we are a very friendly and welcoming horde! The first thing you should do is register for the walk here. That way, we can email you the start point and map a few days before the event. You can buy tickets for the ZOMAZING evening event – World Zombie Night – while you are there.

Then, if you haven’t already, you can join our Facebook community and click attending on the event. Chat with fellow undead shufflers, get costume and makeup tips and get excited!

Don’t forget, this is run by volunteers for charity, so please donate or fundraise if you can. Have fun AND do good!

Finally, read the survival rules here, and look out for our email a few days before with the last minute info you need.

Keep an eye on the website here over the next few weeks for some juicy brain bits about what awesomeness we have lined up for you on the day, including a shiny new route, pop-up bands, and details about our after party, sponsored by the wickedly wonderful folk over at Jagermeister.