Has it been a year already?

There’s a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming soon. Make sure you don’t miss it and keep up to date by setting World Zombie Day: London’s Facebook page to ‘like and see first’. It’s the best way to join us and start getting excited! It’s also a great place to find fellow ghastly ghouls, and share tips on remaining fresh but also terrifying.

Step-by-step instructions

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While we wait for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, let’s cast our minds back to last year. If you were still lurking in your grave back then (or worse, LIVING), this is a good way to find out what you’re in for.

We raised an amazing £2233 for St Mungo’s last year alone. This year we aim to really go BIG! We are encouraging everyone to start their own zombie fundraising page! You can encourage friends and family to donate their money next to your name, and whoever gets the most donations will be declared ZOMBIE OF THE DAY! (More on that soon)

Last year we saw so many glorious zombies with so much creativity – the bar has been raised for this year (along with the dead obviously).

If you want to see some of the transformations our zombies went through on the day (and steal some ideas) check out this wonderful post from The Guardian where photographer Alicia Canter went to meet some of the participants, including a group of students and a family from France, picturing them before and after they dressed up: World Zombie Day participants – undead and alive.

And if you’d like something with moving pictures:

Even the Daily Mail noted that we were ‘polite’ which is high praise indeed. Not bad for soulless ghouls!

At a mystery stop along the route, we had a soul-rising performance from the incredible “psycho-delic-anarchist-techno-velvet-stomp” of Anarchistwood, who played a special secret gig for us zombies! It was enough to… RAISE THE DEAD!

For a whole host of images and videos, visit our gallery. Be warned: you will be jealous and inspired.



Zombie Checklist 2016

Dearest amazing undead darlings,

The big day is practically knocking at the tomb door! As always,we have prepared a list of things you need to know before the zomazing day we are about to have. Read on, rotten ones!

Make sure you have registered so you are sent the map and any other information you might need. This is free and only takes a minute!

Print the map out and take it with you. Although there are stewards, they are few and the zombie horde is legion, so be a helpful zombie and be self-organised! You can also keep a bloodshot eyeball on twitter (@WZDlondon), where we’ll post updates when we’re heading off.

Don’t want the day to end? We have an exclusive “UNDEAD ONLY” bar at the Piccadilly Institute. This means you don’t have to shoulder your way through the masses of living Londoners for your next drink! So come along to dance like you’ve just been dug up at the World Zombie Night party, make sure you bring a photo ID (no photocopies). If you bought a ticket, your name will be on the door. If you didn’t grab a ticket yet, pre-sales end Friday at 5pm, grab your tickets now to make sure you get in! Failing that – there may be some on the door (cash only). The party runs from 6pm-3am, but be sure you get in the venue before 9.30pm, shamble there quickly!

They are few, but they are essential if we want to keep this event running year after year! Please make sure you read them here and stick to them. Don’t bring anything that resembles a weapon, don’t flyer, basically DON’T BE THAT ZOMBIE! If you see any behavior that concerns you, please speak to a steward. We’ve worked really hard to make sure this event is good zombie fun for everyone and has a good reputation so it can keep on going year after year.

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The gorgeous, amazing and humble WZD team

The zombie virus is bad enough without having to cope with post-WZD snuffles. Make sure your costume is warm enough, that you can keep protected from the rain (fingerbones crossed for a fine day!). We will be doing a lot of shambling, smart zombies wear comfy shoes…



Keep in touch with the horde by using the hashtag #WZD2016, Join us on Facebook here and follow us on Twitter @WZDlondon. For those who Snapchat, we’ve got a filter for you. At various stops throughout the walk you’ll find geofilters to use by swiping left after a snap has been taken (location services will need to be enabled for the feature to work). In the meantime follow us at wzdlondon. Those on Instagram, tag your photo with #WZD2016 and you might end up in our Gallery!



World Zombie Day is about having a fantastic day with the zombie horde, and also about raising money and awareness for St Mungos Broadway, the charity who do amazing work helping the homeless. If you’re coming along please donate by texting BRNZ81 £3 to 70070, or donate on our JustGiving page.


Anarchistwood & World Zombie Night: Zombies like to party!

After a long day of shuffling, moaning for BRAAAINNNSSS and fundraising for a worthy cause, the WZD team like to let what is left of their rotten hair down and party with the wonderful zombie horde. This year we are throwing a zomtastic after party – World Zombie NIGHT!

In previous years we have partied at the Phoenix Club, the Intrepid Fox (RIP), the 12 Bar (RIP) and 100 Club. Sadly some of those fabulous venues are no longer around (London’s Nightlife – soon to be a zombie too?!). BUT never fear Zombie chums! Our wonderful sponsors for this year’s event – Jagermeister (dark and mysterious, the perfect zombie tipple!)  – have sorted us right out with an undead party pad to end them all!

From 6pm, we will head to the iconic Piccadilly Institute, right next to Piccadilly Circus with views over the famous Cupid Statue. Head to the creepy Clinic Room and just see what Jagermeister have in store for you – themed decorations, zombie cocktails, gut-filling food (maybe i-scream?), DJs to keep you undead till dawn (well, 3am) and even a decontamination tent with a photo booth to capture your zombie portrait. What’s more, you won’t have to queue for eternity at the bar, it is for the undead only!

The Clinic Room at Piccadilly Institute

The Clinic Room at Piccadilly Institute

Tickets for the after party are a STEAL at only £5, and all profits go straight to St Mungos. You can buy them here, but grab them quicker than Daryl Dixon on a motorbike, there are a limited number available! Bring all your guy friends and ghoul friends along! The party runs from 6pm-3am, but please make sure you are in by 9.30pm as after this point there is no admittance to the undead. The venue is strictly over 18’s only and valid photo ID must be provided to gain entry (no photocopies).

If you can’t make it along to the after party (booo!) don’t worry, we have a treat for you too! At a mystery stop along the route, look out for the incredible “psycho-delic-anarchist-techno-velvet-stomp” of Anarchistwood, who will be playing a special secret gig for us zombies!