Bunker 51 presents Zombie Blitz 1940


The zombie fun doesn’t have to stop when World Zombie Day is over for another year… Our friends at Apocalypse Events/ Bunker 51 have some zombietastic things going on! Look out for the guys on Saturday, they will be collecting for charity- and also offering exclusive discount tickets, flyers, plus photos with their gorey zombie horde, even taking applications to apply for a paid regular ZOMBIE job positions in London!

How about this night for Vintage with a twist….

Zombie Blitz 1940

Zombie Blitz 1940 at Waterloo Tunnels – London’s newest zombie experience brought to you by Apocalypse Events at Bunker 51. Start your Sunday with a relaxing 1940’s style tea party until your fun is quickly interrupted by the roar of air raid sirens…Take shelter as London, yet again, endures the wrath of the unrelenting bombers, and delve deep into the cavernous underbelly of a City under siege in World War 2 London. It is now in the hands of the British public and our new civilian soldiers to work together to unarm this biological hazard before our enemies can unleash havoc on the survivors and causalities of London’s Blitz. As this long and devastating war continues, new unthinkable threats appear. At the height of the blitz, where London has been the ultimate target, with a constant rain of incendiary fire and high explosive bombs, the nation must stand in the way of imminent defeat.There is an emerging urgent race in the field of biological science to produce the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, one that could destroy all nations and bring an abrupt end to this unholy war.
Recent intercepted communications from the enemies High Command has informed British intelligence that enemy Scientists could be working on terrifying new biological weapons, ready to reek indescribable horrors on an unsuspecting population, RIGHT ON OUR DOORSTEP! Step into 1940’s Britain and let us take you an an immersive horror story adventure in the historical tunnels underneath Waterloo Station London.