Become a sponsor

We are always open to new sponsors – with the primary aim of raising funds for the charity.

Our sponsors help us by contributing directly to our charity of choice or helping with our admin costs.

Each year we get hundreds of enthusiastic zombies participating and we are typically featured in major publications, including Time Out, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, and The Huffington Post.

Sponsorship options

On-site promotion

Sponsor Apocalypse Event’s Kissing Booth – photo by Marcus Charter Photography

Suggested minimum: £300
As we will be moving from location to location throughout the day, on-site promotion should either be mobile or limited to one stop.

Be creative! We ask that you run any concepts by us so that we can make sure it is aligned with the event and with the charity, but beyond that you have free rein.

Here are some examples of the types of things sponsors have done in the past:
Decontamination photo booth
BREAKING NEWS: Zombie Outbreak reported in Central London – #JagerZombie
World Zombie Day 2012: phone apps reviewed by real zombies

No Flyering: It is important to us that no one hands out flyers or anything that could likely become litter. Stickers or stamps are good alternatives.

Online prize giveaway

Suggested minimum value: £75+
We typically get 1500 people registering for World Zombie Day: London. A description of the prize and info about your organisation will be shown to everyone who registers.
● Please provide a summary of the prize, value, and image or video to advertise for it.
● Please provide a redemption/promo code, or give details as to how the winner will be provided the prize. If you have specific T&Cs you use for raffles please let us know, otherwise we will use a generic set.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact: