World Zombie Day: London 2017 Roundup

Now that Halloween is over, this year’s WZD is shuffling happily back to the grave. Weary bones, sore feet, but big toothy grins on all your faces. Or have your lips been torn away? Maybe it’s both.

We can finally reveal the results of the second-best day of the year! This one was remarkable in so many ways: old faces and new, so many Ricks, some zom-babies and zom-kids and zom-doggos, we finally conquered Camden, we didn’t encounter anyone the Met Police warned us about, AND two of our long-time zombies got ENGAGED!


Congratulations to Daniella P. and Gavin T.! It makes the whole ‘til death do us part’ thing a little complicated but love will find a way. The entire WZD team has agreed that for fairly humble engagement present, we’ll be giving you our sponsor prize from Bunker 51: 2 tickets to zombie SWAT training in London.

Also congratulations to our competition winners Theresa W. who won a copy of the video game Bloody Zombies, and congratulations to Ally W. who won four tickets to Trapped in a Room with a Zombie! You haven’t won a life-partner but you get to be trapped with a ravenous monster slowly growing closer as you desperately figure out how to escape. We’ll be in touch via email to let you know how to redeem your prizes.

With roughly 700 to 800 zombies, photographers, and a kind donation from Angel’s costume hire, we raised £906.00 for St Mungo’s to help the homeless. This will help around 180 people by providing beds, counselling, and important healthcare. You can continue to donate on our Justgiving page.

You can also still donate even now by texting ‘BRNZ66 £5’ (or whatever you can afford) to 70070.

Before we pull the grave dirt over ourselves like a snug blanket of soil and worms, we can promise you this: we have some very ambitious schemes to make next year even more fun, and freshen up your grimey corpses. Find out more when the sky rains more mysterious chemicals, the rituals recommence, the cursed comet returns to the sky, and the infected once again rampage through London. Sleep well, you undead darlings. Sleep well…


Hell is full. The dead shall walk the Earth. Or at least, London.

A prepared zombie is a happy zombie, so we’ve prepared a checklist for prepared and happy zombies.


There’s no sense checking off the other things on list until you’ve done this one. You’ll get the map and other information. It’s FREE!
Why not raise some money for St Mungo’s while you lurch?
If you’re a photographer, make sure to let us know!  Photographer registration is closed.


Print the map and take it with you – your phone battery may end up as dead as us, and you may not always be able to find a steward. We’ll also be on Twitter at @WZDLondon where you can find updates on our progress.


We have an exclusive area in the Clinic Room of the Piccadilly Institute, where we will be studying the effects of parties on the undead. Will it be enough to wake us dead?

A zombie only bar and our special guest DJ Ben Christo from The Sisters of Mercy/Decadence Club will help get the bones rattling along with Happy Hour prices till 9pm (50% off everything excluding bottles of spirit or champagne).

If you’ve bought a ticket, your name will be on the door.  You’ve got till 5pm Friday to get on that list. After that it’s cash only at the door(£5). This year, due to our safety precautions, we are recommending that you join us there right after the last stop.

Doors open to the undead at 6pm. No late entry after 8pm and make sure you bring a photo ID (no photocopies). The club opens to the public at 9pm and the living will begin to infiltrate the space, but the club is open until 3am – that’s a lot of time to fit in a couple of Thriller dances!


We don’t have many but they’re all very important. Make sure you read them, and make sure you stick to them. Don’t bring anything that looks like a weapon, don’t flyer, don’t harass people, and if you see anything that concerns you then speak to a steward.

We’ve all worked really hard to make sure this is fun for everyone, and we have a great reputation amongst both the living and the dead. Please help us keep it that way, and we’ll be able to do it again next year!


Rain has a terrible effect on undead flesh – we get soggier and bits fall off. For the sake of having a fun day we all hope for sun and warmth, but honestly who among us doesn’t hope for a little bit of thunder and lightning for the sake of drama? Make sure your costume is warm enough – the zombie virus is bad enough without a snuffle.

Think about your shoes. Lurch and shuffle by choice like an awesome zombie, don’t lurch and shuffle because your feet are in pain!


We have some brand new stops that we think you will love, but you may want to be more of a prepper this year where it comes to provisions. If you do forget to bring your brain juice and finger foods, there are shops and off-licenses along the way, so you can stock up. Life may not always be a picnic, but the afterlife certainly will be.


Use the hashtag #WZD2017 to connect with the horde’s hive mind. Follow us on Twitter @WZDLondon to hear from the undead queen, and join us on Facebook because it’s fun!

If you feel like an Insta, tag the photo with #WZD2017 and you might end up in the World Zombie Day gallery! We also have a Facebook Frame with the Text code on it. So help spread the word and take a photo or video with this effect by us World Zombie Day: London.


Have you donated to St Mungo’s? The charity does amazing work helping the homeless. If you’re coming along please donate by texting:

BRNZ66 £3
to 70070

It doesn’t have to be £3, it can be as much as you like! You can also donate via our JustGiving page.


Important Safety Update from the Met Police

We have an important update.

The Metropolitan Police have informed us that on World Zombie Day (October 7th) there will be a group called “Football Lads Alliance” holding a controversial march in London. There are an estimated 20,000 people expected to be marching between 13:00 and 18:00 from Park Lane to Westminster.

The Metropolitan Police have been in touch with every group and venue operating in London on October 7th. We have thus decided to provide this warning for all our zombies.

Don’t panic! As with every other difficulty provided by this tumultuous yet unwavering city, we will carry on. Nothing can stop zombies (except for walls, fire, deep holes, and destroying our brains, obviously).

While the FLA has repeatedly insisted it is a ‘non-racist, non-violent’ organisation, anti-fascist and equality groups like Stand Up To Racism have questioned the backgrounds of those involved – and their true motives.

To provide transparency and help inform you of the actual risk, our contact with the Met Police have advised us:

During the June march organised by the FLA, there were a number of altercations involving members of this procession after the march had ended. A large number of these altercations were within the West End of London. The Met Police are concerned that the level of violence may be repeated this year, however many precautions are being put in place.

The Met Police are taking extra measures based on current tensions and concerns based on intelligence from previous marches held by similar groups and are committed to their duty to ensure that the community in central London can go about their daily business not unduly impacted by demonstrations taking place.

We have been lurching these streets yearly, for an entire decade. We have built a relationship with the police and the city. This relationship and reputation will provide us with security. This is because we’re collected, we’re cooperative, we’re polite, we’re fun, and we’re the best damnable zombies you could ever hope to encounter. Every year we advise participants not to bring weapons: no fake weapons, no fantasy weapons, and DEFINITELY no real weapons. We do this because, if there is an incident, we don’t want you to be perceived as a threat during the confusion. Please pay special attention to the no weapons policy this year.

Additionally, we have adjusted our TOP SECRET route so that we march through an entirely different part of London. We are very excited about bringing you this new route, and can’t wait for you to see the exciting destinations that await you. If you’ve registered, you will be sent route map a few days before.

As you join World Zombie Day, please look out for our stewards who will provide you with wristbands. With a wristband, the Met Police know you are one of our horde. The wristband will also be printed with our contact details.

It is highly unlikely that you will need these contact details, and please don’t use them for fun even though it will be hilarious. These details are included in case our worst nightmares are made reality. This is your way to raise a Code Red, and a Code Red is going to be taken very seriously.

Belonging to the horde during the day will keep us all safe. If you are planning on attending the After Party, rest assured that The Piccadilly Institute has measures in place for this. Additional security and police will be patrolling too. We recommend that you join us there (£5 on the door or online ticket required) if you intend to stay in the area after the last stop. If you go elsewhere, you might want to avoid the West End.

As you leave the after-party and disperse into the city, you may encounter folks who (for some reason) fear zombies and the creeping mortality you represent. If you feel threatened or unsure, remove yourself from the situation and seek safety elsewhere. You might want to remove your makeup and prosthetics to prevent harassment. We cannot be sure where the thousands of “Football Lads Alliance” might end up, and some might be friendly, but we don’t want the unfriendly ones to end up with you.

The kind warning from the Met Police has understandably made everyone more alert. You can understand why it was important for us to share this information with you.

But the dead do not fear the living.

The living fear the dead.

You will not be alone.

Join us.

Get 10% off at Angels Fancy Dress

With autumn coming, and the undead event of the year just around the corner, it’s time to revitalise your wardrobe! Angel costumes have provided us with a 10% discount when you use our exclusive code, and 10% of the purchase even goes towards St Mungo’s!

How easy could this look Zom-be?

Get 10% discount using code ZOMBIEWALK in Angels Fancy Dress stores or on their website Creating your World Zombie Day look is easy at Angels Fancy Dress with their massive range of costume, SFX makeup and fancy-dress accessories. You can:

  • Turn heads and stomachs with some exposed Zombie SFX transfers! A little exposed bone goes a long way.
  • How about a Bruise Wheel? Ideal for bruises, decay and that oh so stylish rigor mortis – totally in this season.
  • And don’t forget the Fake Blood. We literally couldn’t live without it. You’ll always need more than you think.

10% of your purchase goes towards World Zombie Day – St Mungo’s charity. For more makeup looks check out or post on “How to Use Liquid Latex to Simulate Torn Flesh”.

How to Use Liquid Latex to Simulate Torn Flesh

Image by Marcus Charter Photography

Is your complexion wonderful? Do people keep saying how healthy you look? Does your skin glow with nutrients and life? WORRY NO MORE! We’ll soon have you terrifying small children and startling strangers in the night once again, so you can shamble through London with pride. The key to this look is layering – with latex! For a small price you can get liquid latex from Angels Fancy Dress shop, with a 10% discount when you use the code ZOMBIEWALK. They’ll also donate 10% of your purchase to St Mungo’s, the charity we support. You will also need:

  • Liquid latex
  • Toilet paper
  • Basic makeup kit
  • White face cream (for base coat)
  • 1 hour (most of this time will be spent waiting for latex to dry)

Your shambling husk might be allergic to latex. Before starting, apply a small patch under your forearm. Wait 15 minutes to see if it grows red or swollen. If there’s no reaction then you’re ready to get messy.

1: The base layer

Apply a thin, even layer of liquid latex to your face. Remember, removing latex later is going to be painful. Latex will cling to your hair like a ghoul will cling to brains. It will try to pull your eyebrows out. If you have stubble or a beard, it will be painful. For the love of all the most horrifying gods, try not to get latex in your hair. Wait 15 minutes for it to dry. Don’t get too excited by how gross it looks at this stage. It’s going to look much worse later on – this first layer will be mostly clear.

2: Toilet paper for texture

Toilet paper is great for texturing. You can get creative with sculpting, or just plaster the paper on with liquid latex to get a wrinkled effect. Now you can achieve the desiccated, weathered aesthetic of the most monstrous ghoul. Experiment with veins, sores, or maybe even pustules! Don’t be afraid: if you make a mistake you can just wait for it to dry, gently remove that patch of latex, and then replace the base layer before trying again. Slowly build up layers of latex-flesh so that when you tear it for wounds later, there’s a decent weight to the ragged edges. Now is also the time to incorporate other objects or accessories. If you’re ambitiously attempting the classic zip-face look, squish it in amongst the latex and paint it in.

3: Makeup base

As with everything else, this is a matter of taste. The latex flaking from your flesh will look authentic without being painted, and zombies in a hurry might not want to bother with makeup. The latex will be an odd colour compared to your skin, and shinier, but now that you’re dead everything is going to be an odd colour anyway. Why hide your craft beneath illusion? However if you want to embrace the art, paint a flat layer of white across your skin and the latex. It will make the latex less shiny and more natural.

Image by Marcus Charter Photography

4: Wounds

Using a sharp tool (toothpick, small scissors, scalpel) start a tear in the latex. Be VERY careful – your flesh no longer heals from even tiny scratches, and the latex might come off if you’re too rough. Get the gash nice and rough, folding back the layers as you go to reveal the skin beneath. Fill the inside of the wound with really dark makeup or paint. Red and black are obvious choices, but green and yellow can make you look even more diseased.

5: Makeup finish

Darken your eyes so that they appear sunken, or maybe redden them to look less healthy. Using contouring to bring out your gaunt cheekbones and ever-mulching jaw. Pale lips will make you look more dead but don’t be afraid to clumsily smear lipstick or delicately paint blood dribbles. You can stain your remaining teeth (temporarily) with a variety of methods. You can buy expensive tooth enamel, or use a little food colouring (brown or red) mixed with water to swill around your mouth, or buy fake teeth from a costume shop. For a truly creepy appearance, try a freaky contact lens. Wearing only one means that you can still see out of your other eye.

6: Taking it all off

When you’ve finally eaten all the brains you can handle, it’s time to take everything off and let your skin… well, not “breathe”, but… whatever. Cover the latex with warm soapy water and massage it gently. Don’t yank the latex off – your hair will not thank you. Alternate between warm, soapy massage and gently pulling the larger pieces of latex from your skin. Finally rinse your body in warm water to get rid of any smaller pieces you may have missed. To remove stains from your teeth, brush them gently with bicarbonate of soda.

Remember! These grooming tips are only a way to bring out your own inner monster. Your fearsomeness is not defined by makeup and prosthetics but by the decisions you make. Whether you wear latex and wounds on your face or not, you are still part of the undead horde. Whether you’re freshly dead or a haunted skeleton, whether you sprint across burning desert wastelands or slowly shuffle through mossy swamps, whether you’re a ghoulish clown with long yellow teeth or a black-clad soldier with a spooky gas mask, you will always and unconditionally be one of us. Join us.

Win Tickets to Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

One of our sponsors, Apocalypse Events, run some of the best and most horrifying immersive experiences in London.

They have offered 4 tickets to be won by one of our special survivors this year.


You are locked in a room. There is a zombie chained to the wall. Somewhere, there is a key.

After five minutes, the chain is 12 inches longer. Every five minutes, another twelve inches. You and nine other people have an hour to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room before the zombie can reach you. You’ve never felt pressure like trying to solve riddles under the hungry gaze of an undead, rotting monster.


By helping spread the word about World Zombie Day: London you’ll be entered into the draw. See details below.

World Zombie Day: London

This Zombie Experience consists of an introductory briefing, a meet and greet with your fellow ‘locked in a room’ participants if you didn’t arrive together, and then the challenge begins! In the escape room not only are there puzzles, mindbending brainteasers and clues, but also a resident evil, a zombie on a chain, a deathline that gets ever longer as the minutes pass, & a whole new level of pressure! After the event you will also receive a de-briefing with solutions explanation, so even though the escape room part of the event only takes an hour, do make sure you set aside at least 1.5hrs – 2hrs for this experience.

Your zombie escape room experience will include:

Intense and challenging puzzles!
Fear fueled adrenaline as the zombie staggers closer every five minutes!
A unique blend of hilarity and horror!
Find out more here.

Top 5 Cute Things Survivors Do

Survivors. Some are pretty reluctant to join the undead horde and instead do dumb things like remove our heads or destroy our brains. Others are adorable, with their funny ways and their screams and their delicious flavours. Here’s our list of what we think are the cutest things survivors do as they flee our grasping, broken claws. Let us know on Twitter or Facebook if you can think of others!

  1. Fighting amongst themselves

Living humans have so many conflicting motivations and needs, and with limited resources not all of their needs can be met. Objectively the sensible thing to do (even at the best of times) would be to negotiate patiently and compromise according to urgency. In a zombie apocalypse you’d think this would be even more sensible, since living humans become so scarce. They need each other much more than they need power over each other. But no, they insist on bickering over hierarchies and ethics. Isn’t it CUTE!? Nothing like that ever happens in a zombie horde. You never see any of us arguing about where we are on the map. We all always know exactly where we’re going: after them.

  1. Lie about being bitten

Most of us remember being bitten (apart from those of us cursed by magic, infected by airborne particles, etc etc) and I’m pretty sure most of us decided to lie about it, right? Mortality seemed such a big deal at the time. We can all look back and laugh about it now, which is why it’s so cute when other living humans do it too. So worried, so upset, so pointless. Such naivety is enough to make you blush – if your blood hasn’t transformed into a thick black ooze.

  1. Lock themselves in

You know how we (mostly) shuffle patiently along towards whatever thing we think we want? And how humans (mostly) move way faster than us? And how speed is one of their best advantages? But how they all dream of finding a fortress, then they seal up every single door, leaving themselves no escape routes? There’s that old saying about fish in a barrel… the look of surprise is always priceless.

  1. Try to rebuild their previous civilisation

Honestly, why? There’s only two ways the zombie apocalypse is going to go – either our horde finally devours the entirety of humanity, or maybe humanity manages to crawl back from the brink of extinction. Either way things will never be the same again. They’re going to need to live near water, farm hard, put out their own fires, ride a bike or a horse everywhere, eat healthily to prevent catching the latest (non-zombie) plague, and constantly worry about our return. Even if enough survivors are left to attain the same globalised level of industry, it’s going to take generations. But they’re all so full of dreams. ADORBZ!

  1.  Sticking to cities

It’s pretty understandable since cities are where all the best stuff is. But everyone knows the streets belong to the undead. They’re no place for the living. Click here to help St Mungo’s prevent homelessness and help people get off our streets.